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When you’re a Social Media Trainer one of the most common phrases you hear is “I want more sales”?

But what does “I want more sales” actually mean?

As we’re coming up to the start of the New Year it’s as vague as I want to lose weight / be more healthy / do different things

I want more sales has a variety of meanings, so in our latest blog we look at the various scenarios of what “more sales” means

“I’ve been attending college alongside my main job and I know I’m not quite ready to take the leap to full time self employed just yet, but I’d really like it to one day be what I do full time

My partner fully backs me and thinks I should go full time on this as they can see how happy it makes me. But I worry about the mortgage and the bills and don’t want to put the whole family under financial pressure

I know that social media is going to play a huge part in getting the word out there about what I do,so I want to get some training so I can test the business and get my 1st paying client to give me that confidence to at least go part time at work and launch this business

My friends all say they’ll buy from me as it is, but I know that testing the market needs going outside of friends and family as well

“I’m really busy at the moment. I’m 20 years into the business now and I have large blue chip clients all around the country

But you know what

I’m sick of travelling all the time, spending hours on the M1 and spending nights in hotels alone

When I started out it was fun and I still love doing the actual job – but the 4 hours a day on the motorway is a killer

I love my home town and I want to work locally more helping smaller businesses where I can take my corporate experience to help the startups

As i’m just 10 years off retirement it’s important I get that work / life balance and spend more time with my family as well as enjoy what I do at work”

“I’m tired of being a busy fool

I have lots of enquiries – but they always want a job done quickly and cheaply

It’s the facebook buy and sell group mentality and I want to get away from that

I want to transition to bigger jobs. I’ve done them a few times a year over the past 3 years and that should be what I’m doing all the time.

Not only is it financially rewarding it keeps the brain ticking over and I go home buzzing about what I do

It’s jobs like this which is why I got into the industry”

“What I’ve learnt over the years is that although the big jobs pay well – they’re an absolute headache

I don’t want to work on projects that will take 3 months to complete

I love the small jobs that we can complete in 2 days and you get the instant feedback from the client

At heart I’m a people person and I like helping as many people as possible

Doing lots of smaller jobs enables me to do that and I have a low cost product that will help startups”

“I’ve been doing a bit of work in the XXX sector recently and it really excites me

I think finally I’ve found my calling

What I’d like to do over the next few years is find more work in this area as I think it’s an area of growth that it would be good to expand into

Times are changing and I know where I’m currently working will dwindle over the next 5 years so it’s important I make this move now so I’m not left behind”

“It’s a bit of cliche I know, but I did what every business owner did when they launched

I launched working for the types of clients I know well, but then didn’t want to be pigeonholed so I went more general

As much as I love working with lots of different types of businesses I’d like to get back to why I first started doing what I do

I think this is going to need a separate brand and separate social media and I’d like to get this right from the start and really launch the new brand with an impact”

“My biggest challenge right now as a new business is getting known in a busy market place

What I feel would be right for me to get established is selling loss leaders to show off what I can do … and then upsell to a premium

These loss leaders will just about cover costs and I’m not busy at the moment

The key thing for me is getting a number of reviews of my work so people can see how good I am

I do have a premium product as well which I know that 60-70% of people who work with me will upgrade to so long term this is the right model for me to get established in these 1st 6 months”

“I’ve never really marketed my business if I’m honest

It was a hobby I thought could turn into a business after I was made redundant, but I need to start treating it more like a business than a hobby

This is my last 6 months I have before the redundancy pay runs out and it’s either make it work now or go and get a job

I’m under no illusions that social media is an instant fix and that it will take time, but if I can at least see a turn around over the next few months I have that hope

I know treating it like a hobby, rather than a business, wasn’t the right thing to do – but I really really want this to work”

“I just don’t feel like I have a purpose right now

Everyone says I’m great I what I do and I’m well respected in the industry, but it all feels a bit hollow

I just feel like I’m going through the motions

I go home and I just don’t want to talk about work with my partner

I want that spark back again. I want to work with meaning and I feel if I can get the message right on social media it will attract the right clients. I need that confidence to be true to myself”


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