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 Group Social Media Training
Should I do 121 Social Media Training or Group Training?

It’s a question many businesses ask themselves when thinking of increasing their Social Media knowledge and improving Social Media results

In our latest blog we explore the 4 huge advantages of Group Social Media Training

1. Networking
Business gets passed at Group Social Media Training

It’s not a networking meeting, but networking certainly takes place

At our group social media training workshops everyone in the room gets a chance to introduce themselves to room of 10-20 businesses and then there’s the mid workshop coffee break to chat further with those in the room

What I love about the sessions is there are always some natural synergies between those in the room and we encourage everyone to keep in touch after the session

Networking and learning – it’s worth the cost of the workshop alone

2. Huge Businesses Attend
Manchester City, Barclays, Natwest, The Midland Hotel, Living Ventures, Church Of England, NSPCC, Tiger Tiger, UHY Hacker Young, Manchester Film Festival, Yang Sing are just a few of the businesses that have attended our social media workshops

It’s the diversity of businesses which really adds to the mix

From businesses just starting out to huge names like the ones listed above

Often the small businesses in the room would never get a chance to chat to large businesses such as the ones listed above if it wasn’t for the group workshops

Group workshops truly bring people together

Altrincham HQ Altrincham BID Workshop

3. Shared Experiences
At Altrincham HQ we have a huge amount of knowledge

We’ve been working in Social Media since 2009 and in marketing since 1999

And we live and breathe Social Media

It means when we deliver social media workshops we do so with a huge amount of case studies, data, experience and knowledge from a wide variety of businesses and organisations

When it comes to group workshops, it’s about the shared experience. The questions that the whole room has. The questions that you never thought of asking. The real life experience from different businesses who can impart their own experience about how specific techniques have helped their business and what has or hasn’t worked before

There’s a lot to learn from the shared experience

4. Cost Less Than 121
Our 121 Social Media Training is in no way at all expensive

But our group Social Media Workshops cost less

So if you’re on a budget and are still looking to get training from the Best Social Media Company in Manchester and want to save some money in the process than group workshops are the perfect starting point

221 Social Media Training

Find out when our next Altrincham HQ group workshops are below

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