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Why LinkedIn?

Linkedin is what many B2B consider the original and most serious Social Network.

LinkedIn Numbers at a glance:

  • 1 billion LinkedIn users worldwide
  • 30 million companies are on LinkedIn
  • 36 million LinkedIn users in the UK
  • 61% of LinkedIn’s users are between 25 and 34 years old
  • 60% of the UK workforce are on LinkedIn
  • Engagement on LinkedIn has increased 50%, year over year

Why LinkedIn Training?

  • The ability to build your personal brand and expand your network with decision makers
  • Variety of content types enables you to play to your strengths – text only, photos, graphics, videos, powerpoints
  • Win business on the only B2B focused social media platform

What LinkedIn Training offers in a nutshell and what we will focus on this aspect of the training

  • Online CV / Resume with trackable tangible Recommendations
  • Reputation Building via Content and Group Contributions
  • 121 Relationship Building with new and existing contacts

Where most people fail on LinkedIn is similar to other Social Networks

  • Sporadic Usage
  • No Engagement
  • No Follow Up
  • LinkedIn is personal to everybody, but relies on a structure to get the most out of it

What is featured in our LinkedIn Training?

Our LinkedIn Training has a focus on the core areas…

The foundation of your LinkedIn usage and what can define your online reputation

We make sure your profile creates the right 1st impression and also enhances your profile so you are more readily found in searches

How to manage LinkedIn in 15-30 minutes a day

How to build deeper relationships with your existing connections rather than being just a set of numbers
How to connect with purpose with new connections and gain the full benefits of LinkedIn Search
How to utilise your inbox to manage and keep in touch with your connections

How to create and deliver content that builds your reputation every day and leads to sales

How to avoid Link dropping and build your stature in the local business community

The set up and benefits of company pages

How to utilise LinkedIn Articles to build your reputation and create content of value

Top 10 Sectors We Train On LinkedIn

  1. Law / Solicitors
  2. Business Coaches
  3. HR Professionals
  4. Marketing / Sales
  5. Property
  6. Education
  7. Accountancy
  8. Counselling / Hypnotherapy
  9. Recruitment
  10. Photographers / Creatives

Specific ways we help people with LinkedIn

Scenario 1

Over the past 15 years you’ve developed a successful law firm and now have a team of 50 solicitors and fee earners.

Traditionally the business has been built through word-of-mouth referrals and traditional press advertising.

Over the last few years however new entrants have entered the market and you notice it’s becoming harder to be noticed.

You recognise that your biggest asset is your staff so over the a period of 6 month you train groups of 8 solicitors each month growing your digital footprint month by month. Through the training staff now have great looking LinkedIn Profiles, know exactly what sort of content works on LinkedIn and are networking with members of the local business community. Everybody in the local area has your name at on the tip of lips and business is increasing.

Some staff don’t take to it, but over 80% are consistently posting on LinkedIn several times a week and you know it’s the best investment in your business since you started

Scenario 2

You’ve been in the corporate world for over 20 years and you never had to use LinkedIn.

It was one of those jobs for life, but you got restless and wanted to launch your career as a business coach, taking that 20 years+ corporate experience to make an impact with small businesses.

A few friends have told you that you need to be on LinkedIn, but you really don’t have a clue to start so you contact a LinkedIn trainer in the area who comes highly recommended.

Over half a day they go through your profile and make sure it sells you in the best way possible. They also talk you through a day-to-day action plan for LinkedIn and because it’s explained jargon free you automatically get it.

Everything is clear at the end of the session, but you want some level of accountability so you book 2 further 121 accountability sessions at the 3 month and 6 months mark to keep you on track.

Because of this you’re able to move down to part time hours in your corporate job whilst your build your business.

12 months later you’ve gone full time and you finally start to live your dream

Scenario 3

You work in a school and it’s about time you took the business into the 21st century.

It’s not something that can happen overnight so you draw up a plan that will see a 12 month training programme on LinkedIn

One by one you train The Marketing Team, Headteacher, Heads Of Department and then further roll it out to staff.

Because of this you’re able to start telling your story to the wider world.

Connecting with alumni becomes easier.

Connecting with the local business community means business owners want to help with guest speaking and work experience slots.

Fundraising with the PTA becomes a lot easier.

Open Day become ever more popular and traditional marketing expenses go down

The only mistake with LinkedIn training was not doing it earlier.


“I have attended to a number of sessions by Alex both in person and on Zoom. He is always dynamic and enthusiastic and it’s contagious! Every time, I learned something new, acted on his advice and got great results. But I knew I could do more. So I organised a session to concentrate on just 3 of us – and boy did Alex deliver! Thanks to Alex’s probing questions, I was able to look at my profile with new eyes. Thanks to his clear and super helpful advice I know how to “find” topics and people so I can grow my network while still engaging on a human level. But most importantly he showed me what to avoid doing so that my posts reach their full potential. I’ve lots to do but I know he has my back and that I can go to him for advice – he will always be there. Alex is definitely the man to go to for Linked In training – 100%!” Samantha Alford, GDPR Specialist

Alex has really brought me up to date. Having used LinkedIn for 10+ years as a sales professional, I certainly haven’t been using it to its full potential!

Key takeaways for me are around more frequent engagement with relevant connections and regular posting of content.

Alex has a clear passion and enjoyment in the subject which translates into his training.

I am looking forward to putting the teaching into practice and seeing how it translates into building my pipeline and generating some revenue.

Nice one Alex!” David Pearson, M2M

“Alex’s sessions have consistently been the best social media workshops I’ve ever been a part of. So much so, despite working in and around marketing for more than five years, I’m still excited to attend one of his workshops whenever I get the chance.

The beauty (and curse) of social media is that it’s always evolving and it can be almost impossible to keep up. But Alex/Altrincham HQ really does give you so much useful information in each session that it’s instantly applicable afterwards.

👉🏼 The biggest realisation I had from my latest session with Alex?
LinkedIn won’t prioritise company pages in the feed. Employee advocacy is far more powerful than simply sharing content from your company page and hoping it sticks.

✅ I’ve already made changes to how we’re approaching LinkedIn as a business and will continue to use that as motivation to evolve my personal posts, too.

If you think you need a social media workshop, reach out to Alex. And even if you don’t think you need one, reach out to Alex.” Elliot Morrow, Sporting House

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