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Instagram – it’s just posting random pictures and videos isn’t it?


Instagram is the fastest growing Social Network and if you think it’s just for Influencers you’re wrong

It’s become the go to place to tell your story visually, connect with your audience on a personal level via a powerful narrative and actually sell

Is Instagram for you?

  • Do you have a brand / audience?
  • Is your product / service visually exciting?
  • Do you have a story?
  • Do you have a personal brand or staff?

If you can answer yes to any of these you need to speak to us

And don’t just think Instagram is for B2C – it can work for B2B if you have the right strategy

The Stats Speak For Themselves

Instagram has more active monthly users than Twitter – think about that for a while

  • 2 billion- Monthly Active Users
  • Over 1 billion daily active users
  • 70% of users are aged between 13-34 / 30% of users are aged 35+
  • 80% of Instagram users follow a business account
  • 30% of Instagram users bought something they discovered on Instagram
  • Instagram has the highest engagement rate compared to other Social Media platforms

Instagram Local UK Stats

Hyper local Instagram searches are extremely relevant with local cities / towns attracting huge number of uploads  (Updated: May 5th 2022)

#manchester 17,804,258 posts

#liverpool 16,210,588 posts

#cheshire 2,947,677 posts

#stockport 640,593 posts

#altrincham 434,556 posts

#Wilmslow 362,526 posts

#knutsford 285,263 posts

Demographics / Popular Industries

* 13-34 is the prime demographic (but don’t forget 30% of Instagram users are aged over 35)

Popular industries using instagram inc.
* Retailers
* Health & Beauty
* Bars
* Restaurant / Cafes
* Sports & Fitness
* Education
* Tattoo Parlours
* Artists
* Musicians
* Family Businesses
* Fashion

Instagram Training

Our Instagram Training Session covers the following..

  • Instagram Introduction
  • Instagram Basics – Profile Set up, Optimisation and linking it with your current Social Media channels
  • Content Strategy – Why, What, How, When – Developing Your Full Instagram Image and Video Strategy so it’s effective, targeted and manageable
  • Image Creation – The success of your instagram campaign will rely on the creativity and quality of the images. We take a look at the free tools available to enhance your images as well as create brand new images from the ground up
  • Image Curation / Social Strategy – How to crowd source images for instagram and be a curator of found / user generated content
  • Scheduling Your Instagram Posts From Your Desktop – Did you know you can do this? Not many do – we’ll teach you!
  • Online Management – Looking at tools to manage Instagram from your desktop as well as setting KPIs to measure performance
  • Engagement – the secret ingredient of Instagram success – why you shouldn’t just post and go
  • Instagram Stories – How to humanise your brand via Instagram stories

Specific Ways We Help People With Instagram

Scenario 1

You’re in the process of buying an existing business and it looks like everything will be handed over in 6 weeks times.

The business is relatively popular on social media and has a large audience and the social media profiles are being handed over as part of the sale.

Although the likes and comments are plentiful on the posts the one area the business struggles with is converting social media interaction into sales – it’s why the current owner is actually selling.

The are you want to focus on is the business side of Instagram rather than vanity metrics and you feel that having a 2 hour Instagram strategy session following by a more hands on session would be beneficial.

Following the session you sign the contracts and start working on the marketing.

You’re full of hope and optimism as for the 1st time ever people start walking through the doors because of Instagram.

Scenario 2

You’ve been a teacher for 7 years and to be honest you want to get out of teaching.

You love teaching, but hate everything else that goes with it.

You just want to spend your time tutoring and helping children learn.

If you want to do this you’re going to have to understand social media as marketing yourself is something you’ve never had to do.

Initially you know you will have 5 children on your books from the 1st week, but you need 15 a week to make the business viable.

You know from speaking to parents Instagram is where they spend their time and a half day on Instagram training sets you up to launch your business with content that stands out in a saturated local market.

Scenario 3

You run a bar and are tired of bar managers saying they can manage social media only to post once a week and then leave the business 6 months later.

You realise if someone is to manage social media you either have to outsource it to a social media marketing company or do it yourself.

Initially you feel it’s better to do it yourself to get an understanding of it before planning to outsource it 6 months later.

You do a social media training session with Altrincham HQ and you realise that your younger audience wants something different. During the session you realise there’s a trend for TikTok Cocktails and nobody is doing them in town so you start making TikTok cocktails, but putting them on Instagram where you currently have a local audience. Because your posting these different drinks on a Monday you start to get busier earlier in the week with people rushing to be the 1st of the friends group to try them.

It creates a real buzz and business is financially better than ever before.


“Alex was contracted to deliver training on the use of Instagram and a business solution for its integration into the marketing and communications strategy for the shopping centre.

He was very knowledgeable and had researched the shopping centre, its audience and the potential retail partners as well as ideas for future campaigns.

This has given us the encouragement to drive forward our social media strategy” Richard Paxton, The Galleries Wigan

“Alex has delivered two individual sessions for me, on using Facebook and Instagram to grow my business. It’s been an uphill task for both of us – me because I’m middle aged and I find all this social media stuff confusing and well out of my comfort zone – and for Alex as he’s had to lead me by the hand through the basics of posting on both forums.

He is an excellent and extremely patient teacher. He is also full of good ideas for what to post and how to grow your following.

I have tried my hardest to put his teachings into practice and I have seen an upturn in the level of responses on these platforms. Alex’s mantra is POST, POST, POST and keep posting. And it definitely works.

I would 100% recommend Alex for any social media training you are considering. If he can get me up to speed on Instagram, he can do it with anyone!” Sam Fox, 5 Star Google Review

“I use Instagram personally but felt I needed to use it for my dental practice but wasn’t sure what to do or how to do it. Alex was brilliant with a great knowledge of how Instagram worked and how we as a team need to come together and start using this to produce results. The 2 hr session was a great insight into how Insta works and what we need to do to increase our profile.” Ian Hunt, Dentist

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