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Our 121 Facebook Training in Manchester and Cheshire allows businesses to buck the trends of dropping organic reach, target their advertising to the right market and use Facebook to its full potential

Why Facebook?

  • Facebook is the largest social media network – but a several billion users
  • Facebook has 2.91 billion users across the world – which means most adults you know are using it
  • Around 35 million people  in the UK use Facebook (65% of the UK Population aged over 14) and 98% of those users access Facebook via their mobile – which means they see your updates on the move
  • 45% of Facebook users check Facebook several times day
  • People spend 19.6 hours on Facebook a month – about the same amount of time people spend on TikTok

In short – Facebook is a sure fire way to get in front of your customers

The huge problem with Facebook

Over the past few years you’ll have heard the problems with Organic Facebook Reach

  • Not everybody who likes your pages will see your updates regularly
  • The news feed can be cluttered – it’s hard to break through
  • Organic Reach has gone down for many pages and this is due to treating the platform as a Broadcast Platform rather than a social platform

If we told you many of the clients we work with the reverse is the case – Facebook Page likes Are increasing and so is the Organic Reach on these pages

In 2022 it still is possible to use Facebook to promote your business effectively

Facebook Training – What Does It Include?

  • Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups – How To Use Both To Help Grow Your Business
  • Facebook Page Set Up and Profile Optimisation
  • How To Grow Your Facebook Page from Zero?
  • Organic Reach – How To Increase The Amount Of People Who See Your Posts Without Paying
  • Facebook Advertising – How to target your advertising to reach your target market precisely
  • Facebook Insights – How To Read Your Insights To Develop Strategy and Increase Return
  • Facebook Strategy – Developing Your Message aka What and When To Post
  • Developing a Testimonial Strategy
  • How to link Facebook with your offline / in store marketing

Specific ways we help people with Facebook

Scenario 1

Business A has been using Facebook for a number of years now.

4 years ago it used to be a vital part of their business generating 30% of total sales, but now it generates less than 5% of sales.

Posts hardly reach anyone and a handful of friends like post at most.

During a Facebook Training Session we reignite the business owners love of Facebook and start to get them excited about content again. We show them several examples of pages where reach and engagement is still sizeable and talk about content pillars with the owner.

By the end of the session they have 15-20 content ideas they can implement and understand the algorithm so they can maximise the execution of each post.

Before long the post are reaching the numbers they used to and sales are increasing again.

Scenario 2

After trying to grow a LinkedIn community for a year business owner A realises it’s a Facebook Group that should be being built alongside the Facebook Page.

During a Facebook training session we plan out a strategy to start a group and nurture 100 superfans in this group.

Alongside this we also develop a strategy for the Facebook Page to grow a sales funnel through that.

Within 6 months a community of paid members are paying £50 subscription a month and there’s a waiting list for the next intake

Scenario 3

Business C needs to grow their business quickly to establish their product in the market before copycat products are launched.

Whilst organic marketing has worked in the past, this time they need to invest in paid Facebook adverts and they have the budget to do this.

They need help developing the copy for the adverts so we spend 2 hours talking about the businesses USP and developing a series of 10 adverts which will run over a 26 week period to establish the business in the market place quickly.

We also talk about detail targeting and the importance of targeting the right customer profiles.

In just a short time they go from Facebook Advert novices to experts who are using Facebook to build their business.


“Had such a brilliant training session with Alex today! Learnt loads!! Head feels full of information completely in a good way. Really looking forward to putting into action the stuff that we discussed today! This time next year, I’ll be a millionaire!! Well recommended to anyone needing to get their head around social media. Thank you again Alex!! ” Corinna Jennings

“I had a half day training session with Alex and it was fantastic. I started the morning knowing very little and with Alex’s clear guidance, I left the training feeling confident, knowing so much more about how to use Facebook and Instagram to support Little Belters. Alex pitched the level of training perfectly. He guided me through the basics and as the session went on, he challenged me to learn more and he set very clear goals for Little Belters. I can’t recommend Alex enough!!” Little Belters

“Thank you Alex for hosting a great Social Media course. It was helpful and informative and bursting with content. It was delivered in a structured way which was easy to understand. I started on a level of 3 to 4 out of 10. I would give myself 7/10 afterwards. I learnt valuable things about Facebook, understanding where I was going wrong and discovered that LinkedIn is more valuable to my business than I could have imagined. I would certainly recommend the course to others.” Alan Taylor

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