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Did you know that LinkedIn has a feature where you can see who has viewed your profile?

If you ask most people, they’ll vaguely recall the “Who Viewed Your Profile” feature, but it’s not something they check on a daily basis.


It does exactly what it says on the tin and tells you viewed your profile.

For those on the free version of LinkedIn, it will show you the last 5 people. For those on LinkedIn Premium it will show you all visitors over the past 90 days.

When clicking on the number it will show you “Interesting Views” at the top of the page – if you click on these, LinkedIn will encourage you to upgrade to premium.

Below that you’ll see the interesting stuff

  • Their LinkedIn User Names
  • Their LinkedIn Connection Level i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Connection
  • Their LinkedIn Professional Headline
  • When they viewed your LinkedIn Profile
  • Either how they found you or how many mutual connections you have

A note that you’ll only be able to see the above if you have your profile open as public.

There are IMHO no reasons for having your LinkedIn profile on private mode.

LinkedIn is a like an online networking meeting, you wouldn’t walk into a room with a bag on your head.

Be Open and Approachable – take a look at our LinkedIn Profile Here

Opportunities present themselves when you are open and approachable.

So why are people looking at your LinkedIn Profile and what does this mean

They’re Potentially Looking To Buy From You

It’s a buyers’ market.

Before they’ve called you or sent the email saying “Can I buy from you?” they’ve looked at your website and social media profiles.

And if they’re looking at your LinkedIn Profile, chances are they’re also doing the research on your competition.

In some sectors it will be glaringly obvious when a potential customer is looking at your LinkedIn Profile. For others, like ourselves, we work with different sectors and in theory the person viewing could be a buyer or trying to sell to us.

If buyers aren’t looking at your profile, then you need to connect with more potential customers; optimise your LinkedIn Profile; engage with more of your ideal clients; post content that helps educate / inspire your ideal clients

If buyers are looking at your profile, then you need to make sure your profile helps them decide to buy by putting your best foot forward. I always call this the being more American and less English part – don’t hide away your successes or how you help people.

They’re Looking To Sell To You

It’s LinkedIn and people are going to want to sell to you.

That’s fine – it’s a business platform after all.

Lots of people will be prospecting and those in sales mode probably will send a connection request at the same time as viewing.

I generally accept 75-80% of connection requests that come in, as I have the believe that even if I won’t buy from the person, we could help each other out at some point in the future.

It’s rare I’ll work with someone who tries to sell to me on the 1st interaction, but those that go for the relationship building side of selling often end up either being a customer, a big fan of our content or refer us to their network.

You’ve posted something that has piqued their interest

Viral posts mean something different to everyone.

For some, if they normally get 200 views per post getting 2000 views can mean “going viral” for them.

For others, if the normally get 2000 views per post getting 20000 views can mean “going viral”.

Sprout Social have claimed that you need to post 20x per month to reach 60% of your LinkedIn Audience – 20x is basically once per day Monday to Friday.

I do post every day on LinkedIn, but that’s because I work in marketing and I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head.

I always advise people start posting 2x per week until that becomes easy.

Actively posting updates on LinkedIn and people viewing your profile creates more opportunities.

You’ve Been Mentioned Offline

If you have a strong personal brand, you’ll be mentioned offline as well as on Social Media.

Just 2 weeks ago there was a business BBQ at a local solicitors, and I couldn’t attend as I was at a Sam Fender gig.

When I posted on Facebook later that evening a number of my close business contacts said “Oh that’s why you weren’t there – you were mentioned a few times”

Now – the same thing happens on LinkedIn in that if you’re well known in your local area you will be mentioned at networking events you don’t even attend.

Often this will be a recommendation of “You need to chat to XXX about XXX – they’ll be able to help you with that”

It’s worth mentioning here as well that the profile they land on might not be the MD or highly active member of the business – what happens if a 1st impression of a company is an incomplete profile from a new / junior member of the team that actually puts people off working with the business.

They’re A Competitor

I always smile when a “competitor” views my profile

And that’s the approach you should take.

Smile, don’t worry.

If your competitors are viewing your profile on a regular basis, it shows that you’re continually in their thoughts and they’re looking for inspiration.

People can tell the difference between the real deal and someone who simply plagiarises your content.

So, keep posting the best content you can and watch them try and play catch up.

They Wonder Where You’ve Disappeared To

Have you ever thought

“Oh I haven’t seen XXX in a while”

And then looked them up on LinkedIn.

I’ve had it a few times, particularly after the pandemic, where people disappear from networking and social media and you check on their LinkedIn Profile to see they’re still active.

Sometimes it’s the algorithm.

Sometimes it’s just that the person isn’t posting.

Sometimes it’s a health scare.

Obviously, the last scenario is unavoidable and health comes 1st, but for the others there’s always the thought that if you’re not active on social media is the business still active.

They’re A Recruitment Company

One of the reasons they may have viewed your profile is they’re a recruitment company

Not relevant for the vast majority of business owners reading this blog.

But in the current climate could the recruiters make you an offer you can’t refuse.

You’ve Sent Them A Connection Request / Looked At Their Profile

Not all people on LinkedIn will check your profile before accepting a connection request, but the wise ones do

Is that my kind of person?
Are they local?
Are they credible?
Do they have recommendations?
Do they interact with people?
Could they be a great supplier?
Could they be a customer?

Those are all the questions that go through our heads in a 10 second glance of your profile

What is your profile telling people?


If people are looking at your LinkedIn Profile you need to make a great 1st impression or long-lasting impression.

It can be the difference between winning a new client, opening up an opportunity or simply not.

A big part of our LinkedIn Training is LinkedIn Profile Perfection – that act of perfecting your LinkedIn Profile to that they increased LinkedIn activity leads people to a profile that is more likely to convert ideal customers.

90% of sales is done before a buyer has even got in touch with a company. The sales journey often starts with social media or a google search.

Business often optimise their website, but leave LinkedIn to chance.

If you’re leaving LinkedIn to chance you’re leaving money on the table.

Can we help your business?


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