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By the end of this blog you’ll understand why TikTok is for business.

If I mentioned TikTok to the average person on the street, chances are I’d hear the comments

“TikTok is just dancing and lip syncing”

“My teenagers are on it, but it’s not for me”

“Tik Tok won’t work for my business.”

What if I told you that every single one of those statements were myths based on where TikTok was pre-pandemic

And that TikTok is more varied in subject matter, suitable for more business sectors than you think and has more older users than you might expect


TikTok has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

To put that in context it’s about two thirds of Instagram’s user base in a very short period of time.

Reports in July 2022 state that 41% of TikTok users are under 24 – but around 14.5% of users are over 50.

Which doing the maths, means 44.5% of users are aged between 25-50

A pretty compelling case for TikTok For Business


If you’re reading this I suspect your 1st introduction to TikTok was at the start of Lockdown.

Overnight you went for working hard in the office to working from home and suddenly realising that the app all your teenagers were using was TikTok. Your children might have even encouraged you to dance with them in the back garden.

A lot has changed since March 2020 – we’d never heard of Monkeypox, Neighbours was still on the TV, our utility bills were a third of what they were now.

The World has changed and TikTok has changed.

TikTok For Business is a very real thing in 2022.

So in this blog I’m going to look at the hashtags for business sectors you’d expect to meet at a networking meeting and show you just how many views each of these sectors get on TikTok

If your sector isn’t mentioned below – either email me on and ask me to take a look or take a look at the content on TikTok yourself

Over on TikTok I’m @altrinchamhq as you might expect
* All the data below is correct as of July 2022 – actual figures will be higher if reading at a later date


For the purposes below of giving you an overview of how different sectors below I’m using hashtags to show you the possible reach

But you can use TikTok search in the same way as you use google

So think of titling your videos such as How To / 7 Ways / 5 Reasons / Why You Shouldn’t etc so they come up in search

You probably have this content together for blogs, please tell me you blog, so it’s a case of repurposing


Did you know

  • Teenagers in the UK favour social media for keeping up with the news over traditional media outlets, a new report from Ofcom has found
  • About 40% of Gen Zers prefer to discover information — such as how to plan a vacation, decide what skincare products work best, or pick a restaurant for a meal — on other platforms than Google
  • Nearly half of young people use TikTok or Instagram instead of Google Maps or Google Search


BusinessCoach has 194 million views whilst #BusinessCoaching has 28.5 million views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Can you give away too much information so that people don’t buy from you?”
  • Read caption to find out how I started my business
  • A day in the life of a …
  • How I helped a client have a 20k first launch
  • 6 Steps To start a successful business

Now I suspect if you’re a business coach these are all subjects you’ve covered before on other social media platforms

And all of these videos are simply talking head videos which makes it easy to do from a production level


#Accountant has 6.8 billion views whilst #accountantsoftiktok has 2.7 billion views

However, on looking on these hashtags it’s lots of videos of scantily clad men and women

So I took #accountancy at 117.8 million views as a more accurate reflection

Subject on the top videos include

  • How much do accountants earn
  • Debit and credit explanation
  • Bookkeeping in under 5 minutes challenge
  • How to upload a bank statement into zero
  • Accounting Job Search tips

Knowing a lot of accountants on a personal level I feel the content on TikTok is fairly weak, so there’s definitely room for someone with knowledge and personality to make a name for themselves on TikTok


#HR has 1.8 billion views whilst #humanresources has 331 million views

#HRAdvice also has 8.5 million views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Tips from the HR Department
  • Questions you should never ask
  • How to ask about salary
  • Free UK HR Advice
  • Monkeypox

A lot of the advice seems to be HR advice for the employees rather than employers so there’s a chance to stand out here


As you might expect #IT and #PC doesn’t really help

So #TechTips has 1.1 billion views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • You Are using copy and paste wrong
  • Things do immediate after getting a PC
  • PC tips you need to know
  • How to make your PC better for free


#Webdesign has 225 million views whilst #websitedesign has 56 million views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Website Reviews
  • Have you seen this website?
  • 6 Secrets To A Successful Website
  • Website in a week
  • Top 4 Website Design Trends In 2022
  • Design a website with me


Law has 7.8 billion views whilst #legaltiktok has 600 million views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard
  • Family Law Secrets
  • Top Questions I Get Asked As a Paralegal
  • Countries: Weird Laws
  • Top 5 Laws You Didn’t Know About


#Photography has 41.6 billion views whilst #photographytips has 992 million views

As TikTok as a visual platform photography is one of the big subjects on TikTok

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Long Exposure photo hack
  • 3 Tips For Photography Beginners
  • Don’t take your photos like this
  • Iphone Photo Tips
  • Every photographer should do this
  • No more boring photos


#IFA comes up with random results, so I had to go for #financialadvice which has 119 million views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Received
  • 7 Things I Did In My 20s To Become Financially Free by 30
  • 3 Finance Tips For Teens
  • Isn’t it better to be debt free?
  • Have you ever taken financial advice?
  • One Of The Greatest Financial Mistakes You Will Make

Now the big issue with Financial TikTok is many of the people giving financial advice aren’t qualified

Being qualified could be your biggest advantage on TikTok


Interestingly #debtcollection videos are 10.3 million views, but the vast majority of videos seems to be helping people not pay debt

Subjects on the top videos include

  • Do not pay your debt collections
  • Secret Weapon Against Debt Collectors
  • Here’s a few secrets debt collections do not want you to know
  • 4 Do’s and Don’ts with Debt Collection Agencies

Is there room to educate people on why outstanding debt is not good for you friends, family or businesses?


#Architecture has 5.9 billion views

Sibjects on the top videos include

  • Inside Outside Buildings
  • Architecture Knowledge Pt X
  • What do you learn in an architecture degree?
  • Architect tip for new developers
  • Why is eco-brutalism appealing?


#GraphicDesign has 6.1b billion views whilst #logodesign has 2 billion views

Subjects on the top videos include

  • A look into how I do graphic designs
  • Watch me design a client’s logo
  • Rating Design Trends
  • Design secrets you didn’t know
  • How I would improve harry styles cover art
  • Can you imagine the world without graphic design


Think About This …

If LinkedIn is the only place to promote your B2B business, then why do so many LinkedIn Trainers promote themselves on

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Groups
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube

Look at what people do as well as what they say.

If LinkedIn. Facebook or Instagram is working for your business, have you considered that you could be leaving cash on the table by not using one of the platforms above.

Perhaps, TikTok is where your competitors are winning business.

If you want to know How To Use TikTok Effectively Your Business contact us below


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