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Motivation and Social Media.

Social Media can feel like a hard slog at times.

There’s so much to do and social media never sleeps.

Idea generation, producing content, engaging, growing the audience, analytics and so much more.

There are times all of want to just walk away and never look at social media ever again.

At it’s very heart, whether you’re an business starting out on social media or a well established social media user, what are the The 3 Things That People Need To Stay Motivated On Social Media.

1. Interesting Connections
Social Media needs to keep us interested and coming back for more.

People truly want that daily fix of inspiration on social media and if they don’t see that on a regular basis they’ll move elsewhere or just stop using it.

Whilst some industries and sectors are more interesting than others, a large part of having an interesting feed is carefully curating who you chose to follow.

Whilst it’s important to follow your ideal clients / client avatar, it’s also important to follow people that inspire you and help you grow as a person.

On social media there are the best minds on the planet. You get to access their thoughts for free without any transaction.

You want marketing help – you have great minds in marketing!

You want financial help – you have great minds in finance!

You want help with mental health – you have great minds working in the area of mental health!

Any area you want, you have people available on social media.

Focus on these areas when it comes to interesting connections.

Prune the people who make your feed dull

And always add connections where you are genuinely interested to see your posts

There are extra tips you can use (Twitter Lists / LinkedIn Notifications / Instagram Notifications) to help further refine your VIP lists.

2. Engagement
Engagement – the drug that keeps us coming back for more social media.

Social Media is built in such a way to make the feedback loop addictive.

And people like to be liked and appreciated.

To stay motivated on social media you’re going to need engagement and feedback coming in on a regular basis.

It’s easier to have that initial boost when you’re part of an organisation or networking group that lives and breathes social media.

But long term the content is going to have to stand up on its own right – with the exception of engagement bait, quality content always = engagement on social media.

To increase your engagement on social media here are 2 easy tips

1. Engage with others on social media – you can’t expect engagement if you don’t take the time to engage with others

2. Think about the content you engage with for your interests and hobbies – borrow their techniques and flip the subject to your industry (I do this regular with fitness content)


3. Results
In a business context – results often mean opportunities, leads or actual sales.

If an individual doesn’t see results at one point in the future, they’re going to see social media as a futile time wasting exercise.

It’s a fine line between patience and ignorance.

At which point do you simply admit to yourself that social media isn’t working for yourself.

Social Media is like networking, in that it takes time to build relationships. But in most cases, even if the exact results you wanted haven’t come in over a 3 month period, you get a gut feeling if you’re heading the right direction or not.

Think about the following
– Do you have a 3 or 4 line outline of why you’re using a specific social media channel
– Have you set targets you’re aiming for each quarter?
– Have you achieved them or not? And why?
– Do you need some external help to refine what you’re doing on social media or is DIY enough?


BONUS TIP: Make It A Key Agenda Point In Meetings

Encourage and inspire people at every meeting with social media being a key point in the agenda.

Highlight the following
– The best posts that week
– Key social media stat to encourage people (i.e 94% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media)
– Total Social Media Reach for the company

And don’t worry if you’re not part of a large business – try a variation of it in your networking group as it will encourage non active members to get involved.

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