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Is asking for recommendations on social media the wise thing to do?

There are pros and cons of doing this over doing your own research to start with. (And apologies for that phrase – i’m definitely not one of those people)

This was a phone call we had recently after we were recommended by a number of people on Facebook for help with social media.

“I was overwhelmed when I put a post out there asking for social media help. I knew I’d get a lot of responses, but I’m lost and now I don’t know where to start.”

In this week’s blog we look at the process I’d recommend you take to choose the best business for the job.

There can be many reasons someone comes recommended from others. And it isn’t always what you’d want or expect in that the person has “Used and paid for their services and has been 100% happy with them”.

Here are a few reasons somebody may choose to recommend a business.

1. They’ve used the persons services and have been extremely happy with them
2. They haven’t used the services of the person, but personally know dozens of people that have and been happy with them
3. They regularly read / watch / listen to their content and recognise them as an expert
4. They’ve heard the person speak at business events numerous times
5. They’ve engaged with them on social media
6. They’re a client
7. They’re part of the same networking group
8. They’re part of a social media pod
9. The business pays to be in their magazine / directory / website
10. They’re friends from school / pub / sports club , but have never used their services
11. The business owner has asked for referrals in that sector
12. They might be the only person they know who offers that service (and they want to be helpful)
13. They’re a family member

As you can see some of these reasons are more valid than others.

A person may choose to recommend someone based on a number of the reasons above.

Treat a recommendation on Social Media as a starting point rather than the basis of your final decision.

If you’re not checking reviews, you’re not doing your due diligence.

When it comes to buying a £10 product on Amazon or a £60 a night hotel you will read the reviews and base your decision on that.

If you’re spending 3 or 4 figures on a service provider the very least you should be doing is checking
– The number of reviews they have
– The rating of reviews (if there’s a rating system)
– The quality of the reviews (i.e do you recognise any names of the people who have left reviews or are they $5 a review from India)

And then read in-depth the last 10-20 reviews to see what people are actually saying about the service provider.

Are the words the reviewers using actually speaking to the same problem / help you need?
Are there any glaring red flags in the reviews for those that have negative reviews?
If you recognise a reviewer’s name – can you ring / email the person to find out more?

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Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube videos and Social Media are a chance to try before you buy.

At no cost to yourself apart from a little time you can check out their content and social media.

For example, you could follow us on social media and get to know the person behind the business as well as get hints and tips on social media.

If you go on to the main blog page on our website you could use the search bar on the blog page to search for whichever platform you’re looking for help with.

Every piece of content somebody puts out will be sending a signal that you either
A) Want to work with them
B) Don’t want to work with them

Knowing someone after the initial recommendation makes your decision easier

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And the final stage.

Taking action from your shortlist to phone or email the person to find out more.

Don’t judge the person on who answers first – often the quietest person will get back to the quickest rather than the best. (for instance there are days when we have back to back training and meetings where it’s impossible to phone back, but drop us an email and we can often respond in breaks / the evening)

A person who know’s what they’re talking about will often be able to give you a clear way forward after the initial phonecall.

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