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Last month we looked at the 10 Words Of Social Media.

It’s appropriate to deliver this follow up on The 10 Words of Networking.

Networking is something I’ve done alongside Social Media for over a decade now. I’ve been Marketing Assistant for National Networking Groups, Group Leader for local events … and have ran my own successful networking groups for the last 5 years. Each event attracts 100+ bookings and are widely seen as the biggest networking events in the region

You can search them up on Eventbrite for Alex & His Sisters / Smiley Happy People

If you’re new to networking or just need a reminder here are The 10 Words of Networking.

* By words we’ve given ourselves freedom with phrases as well as words


It’s not possible in a networking meeting to truly get to know someone.

Someone can pique your interest or show signs of synergy and that’s where the 121’s come in.

The magic sweet-spot in the national networking meetings used to be 3 121’s per meeting.

A 30 minute coffee or zoom can be a perfect way to get to know someone more in-depth and for them to find out more about you.

Build this time into your networking diary.


I spend so much time on Social Media and online, but when it comes to networking business cards still have their place.

For speed, efficiency and reminders the business cards still rule.

Sure, you can get your phones out and connect on LinkedIn.

Sure, you can have an app that shares each others contact details (but you will forget who you met)

The business card is the physical reminder that you met someone and allows you to connect and arrange those 121’s later.


This is a word we use in social media marketing a lot.

And it applies to networking as well

The people that win business at networking, consistently turn up to the same events.

They don’t run from event to event throwing business cards at everyone and then moving on to the next event.

They turn up. They talk to people. They get to know people. They meet new people. They work hard at networking.

Find an event or a couple of events you love and stick to those ones, rather than playing a numbers game in networking.


Our events are so busy, people literally get a chance to say their name and what they do

At smaller networking events you may need to prepare a 30 second – 60 second pitch

The elevator pitch is a short summary of what you do, how you’re different and who you are looking to meet.

It needs to be entertaining, captivating and stand out from the other people in the room.

Some people go for exactly the same pitch at every meeting. Others change and adapt each meeting depending on who is in the room.


If you say you’ll do something, do it.

As a host our main role is making sure everything runs smoothly during the event, so I always ask with specific inquiries that people email us after the event.

Follow ups might be

  • Introductions
  • Work Inquiries
  • Coffee meet ups
  • Speaker invites
  • Article links


The person who runs the event

Get to know this person.

They’re the most connected person in the room, as they’re the people who made things happen.

Ask them about what they do when they’re not running their events, find synergies and see how you can help each other.

Every single person who has spoken at our events over the past 5 years has taken time to get to know us either in person or on social media.


2 ears and one mouth.

Listen to what the other person is saying without rehearsing your prepared answer.

You find out a lot about a person by simply listening and delving deeper.

Be curious. Ask interesting questions. Ask questions that other people haven’t asked.

And always try and have a question ready for the guest speaker.


People buy from people.

Relationships 1st and sales 2nd.

We’re all in business to make money, but people buy from people they Meet Like Know Trust.

That’s why at our last event I ended up talking about running as much as talking about social media.

That shared connection is important.

There are so many topics you can talk about from family to the local area to your interests.


I’ve never been a fan of BNI.

I can’t commit to weekly meetings at the same time. I definitely can’t commit to 6am meetings. And I don’t want to give referrals to people I’ve only just met.

But referrals are a big part of my business.

People refer their clients and network to us for social media training.

And I refer work to trusted contacts be it photography, printing, solicitors or IT.

Write a list down now of people you know who do a great job.

Have them at the front of your mind when networking.
And I refer work to trusted contacts be it photography, printing, solicitors or IT.

Write a list down now of people you know who do a great job.

Have them at the front of your mind when networking.


You might network once a week or once a month.

Social Media is something you do daily.

Use social media as one of the many touch points between meetings.

Put key contacts in notifications.

Have a list of people to stay in touch with.

Support them with likes, comments and shares.

THAT’S A WRAP … The 10 Words of Networking
Is there anything you’d add to the 10 Words Of Networking?

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