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The 10 Words Of Social Media

By January 22, 2024No Comments

I’ve worked in Social Media Marketing for nearly 15 years. Marketing for 24 years.

And in those 15 years I’ve used the following 10 words more than the average human being.

Here’s an introduction to the meanings of all of these words and what they mean for you the business owner.

Here are the 10 Words Of Social Media


The word you love to hate.

The algorithm is a filtering system that showcases highly engaged content and demotes low quality content or content with minimal engagement.

Often used in the context of “the algorithm just isn’t showing my content to anyone”

The real meaning is my content isn’t good enough for people to react to in the 1st place.

Whilst the algorithm can put a spotlight on the likes of Joey Barton, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins because of their divisive nature, when it comes to business often quality rises to the top.

Before you post and go on to blame the algorithm, ask yourself “Is this content good enough”, because if the platform showed every single piece of content from every friend, family member and pages people follow, most people would log off social media within 48 hours.


Remember during the pandemic when we all heard the phrase “We’re following the data” from the scientists and then the politicians did what they felt like.It’s like that with social media.

Each platform has it’s analytics or insights that will tell you everything about your social media marketing

Your audience demographics, audience growth, content reach and top / worst performing post.

The smart ones look at these analytics, understand the why and continually improve their content.

The majority look at these analytics, stroke their chin and continue as normal.

And then they wonder why their content gets no engagement.


A community is a group of people who share something in common.

When we talk about community on social media, we’re often talking about a group of people that are on the same mission.

For ourselves our social media community is strengthened by our face 2 face networking events.

The people that support us, have our back and are our cheerleaders are the people we’ve met in person.

You can foster the same sense of community online by looking for people who share your values and interests.

Spend time engaging on social media to find your tribe or community.


I knew that content was king way before content is king became a catch all phrase.

If community is the social element of social media, then content is the media element.

Content encompasses everything from blogs to graphics to photos to videos.

People crave new content all the time, so you need to turn into a content machine.

Creating new content, repurposing old content, finding new ways of saying the same thing.

Content is at the heart of everything you do.


Engagement is the form of interaction you get on a piece of content.

Likes, Comments, Shares, Video Views, Saves, Bookmarks and so on.

In 2024 it’s harder than ever before to get engagement.

More social media users, means more competition in the feed.

The rule remains the same across all platforms though – a comment means more than a like.

So go out into the world and comment more than you like and help others.

And watch the love comeback.


The act of collaborating with larger accounts to leverage their audience and promote your business.

It’s rare a restaurant or food business will open in 2024 without working with influencers.

And this is expanding into other areas as people realise attention in the launch phase is critical.

The smart businesses look at strengthening these relationships, so that there are multiple touch points throughout the year.

With an audience of 70,000+ across social media many people look to Altrincham HQ to help get the word out there.

Is our audience something you could leverage via collaboration?


If you’re a small business it’s important to put your personality into social media.

Not just be a bland brand.

If you follow us on social media, you’ll find I reference my interests such as running, live music and vegan food.

I’ve won clients from putting myself out there and talking about those interests.

You don’t have to put your whole life onto social media, but those snippets of your really do help create a deeper connection.


Trends play a huge part in Social Media.

Whether it’s trending news on X / Twitter or a trending piece of content on TikTok they’re omnipresent.

The skillset is deciding which trends are relevant to your brand and which should just be left on the shelf.

It’s also knowing about the trends quickly enough, so you don’t jump on them at the point where everybody is sick to death of them.

Remember the “And just like that the 2023 season is over” – the 25th time I heard that I never wanted to hear it again.


UGC or User Generated Content is content from your audience.

We’ve seen such huge success from our clients who encourage photos from their loyal customers.

Often the UGC performs better than the businesses own content as it comes across as more real and authentic.

Also you tap into that users extended audience as well.


One of our posts last year unexpectedly reached over 1 million people.

It was an example of a great piece of outdoor advertising by Lewis Capaldi.

When we posted it we thought it might go well and might end up reaching 20,000 people.

We had no idea it would connect with people so much.

The same happened with a restaurant client where they reached 775,000 people on a random off the cuff post.

Viral moments often can’t be planned or pre-meditated – they just kind of take on a life of their own.

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