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Comments are where the great things happen on Social Media

I really want you repeat that 7 times until it is firmly ingrained in your head

When Mark Zuckerberg talks about meaningful engagement what he really means is people taking the time to comment and truly engage

And that applies to all platforms whether that be Facebook Inc platforms such as Facebook and Instagram or other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and to a harder extent Twitter with just 280 characters

When I was a kid and I played Mario Kart or Sonic The Hedgehog we always used to talk levelling up and that’s what I want you to think of now – taking your engagement up a notch or up a level

On Social Media there are several levels of engagement you can do

And here we take a look at The Levels Of Engagement On Social Media

Level 1 – No Engagement
If you’re only on level 1, i’ll be honest with you – it’s virtually pointless in using social media

I’m not saying if you’re only broadcasting to people you’ll get zero business from social media, but it’s not warming you towards potential customers and it’s not making the journey easy for them to buy from you

No engagement can be perceived as either lazy or that you care far more about pushing your message out there than you do about what other people are posting

It doesn’t take that much effort to take it up to level 2

Level 2 – Likes / No Comments

Level 2 still isn’t ideal – but it’s way better than being on Level 1

It says you care … well, kind of

I want you to think deeper than business and think about how you use social media on a purely social or personal level

A like on your personal Facebook newsfeed often is the choice you make when you can’t actually be bothered posting a comment. Think about it – Jane’s 25th baby photo or Jimmy’s pint in a beer garden photo – you do it out of niceties

or boredom, but ultimately it means sweet FA. The people and posts that resonate with you, you make the effort of commenting on or replying to

In a business context the things that you really take note of are the replies and the comments. And this is even more so when you’re an active user of social media and notifications are popping off every 2 minutes. If you want to be noticed on social media it’s all about the comments

Level 3 – Basic Comments

There’s a big problem with what I’d call “Basic Comments” and that is you might be mistaken for a bot or automation software

Automation is a real danger on social media and is putting people off actually using social media

What I mean by basic comments are things like “Well done”, “Congrats”, “Great Pic”, “Exciting” – niceties again, but nothing in-depth enough to spark off a conversation or a meaningful interaction

Basic comments are being visible for the sake of being visible and whilst it does create a warm fuzzy feeling in the heart of the person you’ve left it with – it offers nothing more

By doing basic comments and reaching level 3 you’re still doing more than a large percentage of social media users, but there is still room to level up

Level 4 – In-depth Comments sporadically
Level 4 is where you start to achieve real momentum with Social Media

Ultimately you’re getting out of social media what you put in and it starts to take more time

If you’re looking to reach level 4 you might be taking 5-10 minutes a day a few times a week on the platforms be it LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

You will scroll and search for posts that inspire you and make a few meaningful comments that offer value, a chance to inspire and a opportunity to respond

What you’ll start to find off the back of this is you’ll start to get more people looking at your profile, following you, interacting with your own posts and ultimately buying from you

And yet there’s still one more level to go

Level 5 – In-depth Comments everyday

At level 5 you do everything you would do on level 4 with one big difference >>> You do it daily and you do it for 15-20 minutes a day on each platform rather than 5-10 minutes

And you do this forever rather than a one week try and then stopping

You’re not so much 10x-ing it, but 3x the output and the effort and because of that the results come faster and faster

This is the level of Social Media engagement you’re aiming for and I 100% guarantee if you reach this level you will start to see results from Social Media

The people that reach Level 5 win on Social Media

Now you know about The Levels Of Engagement On Social Media – Which level are you?

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