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I posted this on Social Media last week

“We’ve just had someone enquire about Social Media training 30 minutes ago

They’re working with us at 10am tomorrow

Some people take 3 years to take that leap & improve their social media

Be decisive – action pushes you forward”

Now this was an anomaly because most business owners don’t make a decision that quickly and I was super grateful and impressed that someone had made a decision so quickly

When we sat down the next day they told me how they actually had 300 competitors in the region so that standing out on Social Media was vital to their success

In this weeks blog we take a look at indecision and how it holds back a business

Yes Or No

Wasting time
Think about the amount of time you waste on a week by week basis.

All those important decisions you delay making because the house needs tidying, you must go to the shops, check emails again, finish the last page of that book etc. All of use those delaying techniques myself included

As human beings we naturally put off the big decisions in life. We think that by not making a decision it’s a more positive action then actually sitting down and making that decision

Take action now be decisive

Prioritise – eat that frog
It seems a bit strange as a vegan to be telling you to eat that frog, but it’s an important lesson that everyone should learn. Eat that frog is a book by Brian Tracy of which the byline is get more of the important things done today.

What its essentially means is to prioritise your to do list. Don’t have a to do list which is 25 unimportant things to do so that you can pat yourself on the back for at the end of the day because you’ve achieved something, when in  truth it really cheap nothing apart from a tick box exercise

So attack that challenging task of the day. The important phone call, the client work you must do, the one task that will build your business

So I want you to ask this one question right now – What is the one thing that you could do that would grow your business?

Now I work in marketing and I’m going to say this but chances are getting new customers is something that 90% of you have just thought about after that question.

So that brings us to one of our other blogs “what do you mean when you say you want more sales or more customers” you’ve got to be specific on this. You can read in depth about that’s very subject here as most businesses aren’t  specific on the idea of growth or what “more sales” means

Whatever your route to market is, whatever is going to improve your business, whatever skills you need to do the job properly. I want you commit to making change today, to write a date on it and make sure that date is within the next day week or month. There is no excuse for delaying that important decision any longer than one month from the date you read this blog. If you can’t do it in the next month it’s either not important enough or you’ll still be here 18 months from now deliberating over the same decision you’ve spend the last 3 years on

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