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If you look around my living room you’ll see running medals, fundraising certificates and qualification certificates. And you’ll see book shelves filled to bursting point

It’s part of who I am and it’s embodies my devotion to education, learning and achievement

Yet despite going to University I was never what you’d call a studious child. There was no teacher that set me on fire or inspired me to greater things. My real education the Melody Maker and the NME and the literature that rock & roll stars took me to

That’s why when I train I want to inspire people like rock stars, rather than drab teachers with corduroy trousers and beige jackets

I aim to inspire and educate. I want fun and education and I want people to 100% believe they can achieve success

This year – as we celebrate 10 years of Altrincham HQ – I’ve decided to introduce certificates for all attendees of our training. It’s something we should have done back when we started training in 2010 and I want to explain why we’ve done it and the importance of certificates

You should feel proud about self-improvement

As children we celebrated every single moment, every single step of that journey

As adults we’re too quick to dismiss the process of improvement and only look at the end results

I know that ultimately what people want from the service we offer is more sales, more customers, more money.

And you’ll get that

Learning is earning

But the journey of self-improvement is as much about the sense of pride as it is about sales, customers and money

As a trainer you see that moment for when everything clicks together and the sheer joy on people’s faces when the lightbulb moment happens

I want people to go back to their office, their colleagues or home and their family and be really proud of what they’ve achieved that day

The certificate is more than just a piece of paper – it’s a moment of pride

If you want to truly inspire your children to take education seriously – show them, don’t tell them

Altrincham HQ as the name suggests is based in the heart of Trafford

If you’re outside of Altrincham you probably have heard of the town because of the football team, the Market or the school league tables. It’s the sort of town where parents rack up the credit card debts and re-mortgage the house to get
their children in the catchment area for the right school

And for 8 years of secondary school and sixth form the parents nag and bribe their children to study

There’s an easier way

Be excited about education yourself

Have a pile of books around the house that you read for self-improvement and to improve your business and your life.

Come home buzzing about the certificate you’ve got for the course you did that day. Display those certificates with pride.

Empower that next generation rather than telling them to “Do not as I do, but do as I say”

Education Matters

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