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Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself

It’s one of those pieces of parental advice that always stuck with me

So often with businesses the very thing that they’re looking for could actually come into their life by actually doing the very thing themselves

You might have heard it at BNI as “Givers Gain”, you might have read The Secret and realise that the energy you put out there comes back to you – but how many actually put those principles into action

These are 5 Things That People Expect Others To Do, But Don’t Actually Do Themselves

This is something I hear in 50% of social media training sessions

“I’m struggling to grow followers on social media, I’ve got a handful of followers but it’s stagnant and hasn’t grown”

And you look and they’re only following 25 people

If you imagine a follow is essentially a tap on the shoulder. It says “Look I’m interested in what you have to say”

When you show interest in people authentically, people tend to show interest in you back and reciprocate with a follow back

Now there are people who will automate the process and that’s easy to spot in a moment, so i’d advise sticking to the very simple rules for following someone

Rule No.1 Is the person you’re following interesting
Rule No.2 Can that person help you?
Rule No.3 Are they someone you can add value to – always add value 1st and sell later

68% of our tweets are replies or retweets

And our other social networks are the same – we’re engagement 1st

Think about that for a while and think how that compares to your activity online

Social Media by its very nature is a social platform so it makes sense to be social and actually talk to people

How do you expect people to engage with your posts when every posts is a sales message or link to your website and you never actually chat to anyone else

Hello opens up a lot of doors. Showing an interest in others opens even more

If you’d never chatted to anyone in real life you wouldn’t have a job, a family or any friends

What makes social media any different for business?

If you have a great experience with a local business

Leave a review or testimonial

It’s as simple as that

A business thrives on the feedback of customers

And yet it’s another thing that people expect others to do, but don’t do themselves

The reason a small business in Altrincham such as ours outperforms bigger city centre businesses is that we have 340+ reviews compared to their 10-15 reviews

Reviews Matter. Review Others. Gain Reviews yourself

I mentioned BNI above and I’m aware that some people absolutely hate BNI – so don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you have to wake up at 5am to have a breakfast networking meeting at 6.30am

But referrals are important

When you run a business you happen to know lots of other types of businesses

Chances are at the very least you know a graphic designer, web designer, printer, accountant, solictor.

In your home life you might have used a Plumber, Electrician, Window Company, Gardener or Decorator

And you’re reading this blog so you know a really good social media company

Think about when was the last time you recommended someone in your network – was it today? Last week? Last month? Never?

As I said you don’t have to do it at networking meetings. It might be a recommendation request on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for a service provider

Refer without expecting anything back. But be safe in the knowledge it will come back in the long term

It’s false economy when you buy from Vistaprint or

A little bit of me dies inside when I see a local business share motivational “Shop Local” messages on social media and I know they’ve bought from the cheapest possible online services over shopping local

A little bit of me dies inside when I see local businesses only attend free educational seminars, but never once book on to a paid workshop and not only support their business, but another local business

If you want local businesses to buy from you, be prepared to shop local yourself

Be part of the community that supports a new business launch

And truly care about all things local

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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