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12 People You Can Invite To A Networking Event

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I’ve been networking for 13 years now and there’s one thing that remains true to this day – networking is better with friends

If I think back to the very 1st networking meeting I went to, it was 4N Altrincham at the George & Dragon

I’d worked in Rock & Roll for many years and networking was something that wasn’t really called networking and simply meant having a beer at the back of the Night & Day Cafe

Networking was something “the suits” did and it felt alien to me, but a neighbour suggested I went as she was attending the same meeting for the very 1st time

I haven’t looked back and this world of networking really just means chatting to new people and getting to know people. And I still get to chat music, restaurants and sports as much as I do real business

It’s not that much different from chatting to someone new in the pub on a Friday night except at one point the new people you’ve met say I really need your help and they pay you for it. And you do the same as well because networking isn’t just about selling stuff – it’s about finding partners and suppliers that can help your business grow as well.

Long term your network become your friends as well. People you can turn to

Regardless of your business type – if you’ve never networked make it your resolution to do this year

If you are a serial networker – help your local event grow

Bring a friend from the following list

  • Colleague
  • Supplier
  • Client
  • Potential Client
  • Startup Business
  • Awol Networking Buddy (i.e someone you used to network with that you haven’t seen in months / years)
  • Business Neighbour
  • Social Media Contact
  • Charity
  • Family Member
  • Neighbour
  • Friend

There are huge benefits to bringing a friend to a networking event

  1. You know someone before you’ve walked in the room
  2. The person you invite will thank you for it
  3. You’ll get double the exposure – trust me, one question that is always asked at networking is “how did you find out about the event”
  4. You’ll get double the referrals – another champion in your corner
  5. Their business grows = your business grows

There’s a saying in networking – it’s called Givers Gain

The more you give, the more you gain

You recommend restaurants, films, books and new bands to friends all the time

Why not take the logical step in business and recommend a friend comes along to your next networking meeting?

My local networking group is Alex & His Sisters Altrincham – come say hello

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We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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