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Im So Hard

A Guest Blog by Myke Hamilton

I’m Myke Hamilton, I’m 24, and unemployed.

Originally from Leicester I now live in Altrincham, Cheshire – and what a lovely place it is too.

I guess you’re all wondering what #NaughtyToBeNoticed is all about?

Well, if any of you have been unemployed, you’ll know that most of the time sending a CV just isn’t enough anymore.

Companies get stacks of them day in day out and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. It was clear that I had to do something different to be noticed (or should that be naughty?)

I wasn’t content with just sending my CV attached to a bottle of wine or with a box of cupcakes – It wasn’t me and it’s all been done before.

I wanted to create something memorable, and what better way than to make someone laugh? (Especially if it was something a bit ‘naughty’!)

I spent some time batting around a few ideas and eventually settled on #NaughtyToBeNoticed – something original and creative, but achievable in a short amount of time and with the last few quid I had in the bank.

I created a set of 7 work related double entendre postcards that are printed and sent out to companies in the North West. (Perhaps a little risky, but I was willing to be daring to get noticed – and hopefully a few laughs along the way!)

References Available On Request

The intention is to get a 15 minutes meeting to introduce myself and explain why they shouldn’t let me walk out the door. There’s more to me than what’s written on my CV.

Although not a creative or a graphic designer by trade, I wanted to show my versatility and that I can turn my hand to anything. (Also, that I had a sense of humour!)

I needed to generate an online buzz about my print campaign and realised that social media was the right platform to do this. It’s a given that any company in the media industry has a Twitter account and social interaction is embedded in the way they operate – I’d be stupid not to utilise it.

I’ve had a fantastic response so far, my Creative Pool ( ) portfolio has been viewed over 14000 times in less than a week and I’ve received countless Tweets from people who have said my campaign has given them inspiration to do something similar themselves.

Entrepreneur Mary Portas (@MaryPortas) and presenter Dawn O’Porter (@HotPatooties) have both Tweeted their support for the campaign – two people I very much admire!

As TBWA Manchester (@TBWAManchester) put it, I filled their Twitter feed with ‘semi-smutty joy’ – Perfect.

It’s been a really enjoyable (and hopefully rewarding!) process. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect job, so if you think I’d fit in with your company – get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

(I’m looking for account/project management within a creative/digital/branding agency in the North West.)


Did this campaign stand out? If you’ve been unemployed what did you do to stand out as a job seeker? Are you in recruitment and can you help Myke?

Leave comments below to interesting and different CVs / Resume’s you’ve seen online

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