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If you’ve logged on to facebook in the last 24 hours you might have seen an option to switch on something called “Replies” like the one on our page below

Facebook Replies

What does it mean?
In a nutshell it means 3 things

A) Page Owners and users can respond directly to individuals comments on a page rather than it being a comment on the whole thread

B) Comments that create the biggest reaction will be at the top of each thread

C) The overall engagement on facebook pages should rise

Will this claw any leverage back from Twitter?

Probably not, but we have always liked the fact that facebook pages do tend to bring up a greater variety of respondees than twitter

And threaded discussions are valuable in the same way that pre-Social Media forums used have very indepth discussion on the issues of the day

While twitter is great for spreading ideas, driving traffic and reach out to new listeners, we have always liked how facebook does generate a more encompassion discussion

Facebook doesn’t have the reach of twitter does it?
Not as a rule, but when used the right way and hitting the right subject it can really really work

A recent post on our local education success on facebook generated 75 shares (nearly 15% of the the total page likes), 88 likes and 13 comments which saw the likes on our page leap up by nearly 10% in one day

How do I improve my Facebook reach and discussions?

Ask Questions? Open questions, closed questions, on target questions. Inspire people’s imaginations and keep the questions fresh

Images images images…. but this again needs to be thought about. Using stock images or changes your facebook cover photo is not a Social Media strategy. Images that people will share and represent your brand will impact

Always respond – don’t just do the above and not respond. The key is in keeping the discussions alive and introducing yourself to the friends of friends

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