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Chances are if you’re reading this blog you’ve clicked through from one of our Social Media profiles

And chances are you spend a hell of a lot of time on Social Media

And in a lot of cases you’re spending a lot of time on social media for no real return

Here are 20 questions you should ask yourself constantly about your Businesses Social media

1. Does my Social Media activity give a positive first impression of my business?

2. What percentage of my business comes via Social Media? And how does this compare to my offline / traditional marketing channels?

3. How much time per day am I spending on Social Media? Is this productive or is a lot of it just passing time?

4. How many of my followers / likes / connections have I had a meaningful conversation / engagement with?

5. Which of the Social Media platforms works best for my business… and do I need to rethink the strategy / not use certain platforms?

6. Are my followers / likers / connections recommending me to others?

7. Am I encouraging offline connections to engage with me online?

8. Have I taken any off my online connections through to a face 2 face meeting?

9. Who have I helped today on Social Media?

10. How do I see my Social Media developing in the next 3/6/12 months?


11. Are my followers actually real accounts ran by humans or automated? And have I blocked potential spammers?

12. How often do I get retweeted and do I know how many impressions my retweets get?

13. Do my tweets sounds too sales focused or do they inspire others to act?


14. How many of my Facebook likes are not my personal friends / family etc? How many new likes have come in the last month?

15. Have I looked at my Facebook pages engagement for each post and how many people like / comment / share each post?

16. Do I have enough images and content to share on the Facebook page?


17. Why Why Why – why am I connecting with somebody and why do they want to connect with me?

18. Is my profile up to date? And do I have up to date recommendations that represent the way I do business?


19. Does the blog I wrote offer value to the reader? Will they take something away from it? What is the call to action at the end of the blog?

20. Is my blog readership generally increasing? Am I tracking the analytic’s?

And that dear readers – is just a short overview of some of the questions you should be asking

When I work with businesses on their Social Media strategy we can spend a half day working through individual platforms, which shows the depth you should be looking at your own social media

We do this because first impressions count for small businesses

Hope it’s been of value to you, and if you’re unsure or can’t answer any of the questions above please do get in touch direct on or call 07806774279

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