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Seth Godin wrote a blog last week that highlighted that his most popular blogs this year weren’t necessarily his best.

It’s something I agree with so before we get onto our most popular blogs i’d like to highlight the following Top 5 Blogs I think we’re our best of 2013


So now you’ve read the blogs above that will change the way you do business in 2014, let’s get onto our most popular this year

  • 61 Blogs
  • 450 words on average for each blog
  • 27,450 words in total
  • 17,867 visitors came to Altrincham HQ in 2013 – around 1500 a month

In short those 17,000+ visitors are more educated in marketing and social media that those who have not read the blogs – so when you get a spare hour click through the archives and spend some time soaking up information to make your business more profitable


Altrincham George Street

Altrincham George Street

1. 5 Things I’d Like To See Happen In Altrincham In 2013

The community matters, our town matters which is why ideas to change the town are what people took great interest in.

The 5 ideas are all works in progress and have a way to go – but it signifies a way forward

We’ll be announcing our 5 Things I’d Like To See Happen In Altrincham In 2014 later this week – but THESE ideas still need to come through

Neil Clough The Apprentice
2. Neil Clough – The Apprentice – My Altrincham / Hale

No brainer. Take a local lad on a national TV show and you have readers

We found he preferred Hale a little more to Altrincham – but he sure does have good taste in his favourite Altrincham Restaurant

Im So Hard
3. Naughty To Be Noticed – Job Searching With A Difference

A guest blog from an unemployed creative who’s job searching with a difference went viral on twitter

Is the traditional CV dead? Do you have to do something different to stand out?

A great example of how to be Naughty To Be Noticed

Stamford Quarter Twitter Fail

Stamford Quarter Twitter Fail

4. Shopping Centre Social Media Fails – Tweeting About Businesses That Are No Longer Open

This is a lesson to all businesses – join up your social media with your website with the real world

Seriously read this
5. Phanthong – Number 1 Restaurant In Altrincham On Tripadvisor Less Than A Year After Opening

Phanthong lost the number 1 position in Altrincham to Essence about 2 weeks ago, but were Number 1 in the Town for the best part of 9 months of 2013

More importantly they were one of the most successful businesses in Altrincham

They took a location in Altrincham (the old Grapes pub on Regent Road) which had failed with about 3 different owners after the pub closed, made it a success and this year they open 2 new restaurants in Wilmslow alongside the Altrincham one

How many businesses want to find out how they became a success???
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