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There are compelling reasons to invest your time in Instagram Reels.

The most important one being is that’s where Instagram / Meta itself is investing all it’s efforts to slow down the rise of TikTok.

Instagram Reels reach outside your follower base, so it’s something you should go all in on.

Over the past 6 months our work on Instagram Reels has continually grown our audience and reach. And this comes at a time when many are saying “Instagram Is Dead” because the platforms bread and butter content such as standard photos / images / videos just aren’t reaching as many people.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Instagram Reels – the main ones being you have to sing, dance or be funny.

If we can be honest for moment here – nobody is going to buy from your business because you can dance to Harry Styles “As It Was” or because you’re great at miming to Kim Kardashian.

Below is a A 5 Step Process To Produce Instagram Reels For Business. And Instagram Reels that actually lead to sales rather than Instagram videos that are done to break up an otherwise dull day.

Stick To One Format Of Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels is like having a video editing suite in your pocket.

The opportunities are limitless.

Before you record your 1st Instagram Reel, start looking at what others in your industry are doing. Also look at the Reels tab and see what content really stands out for you. Have a clear idea of what you like and don’t like.

When I 1st started out with Instagram Reels, I knew instantly what I didn’t like and what made me cringe and I did the exact opposite of others in my field.

Once you’ve done this, start experimenting with Reels and having fun with it.

Do 20 different types of content and see what your audience respond to in a meaningful way. Which content gets actual comments as well as likes? Which content drives clicks the websites (from your bio) and what content drives actual business.

And then one you have that clear idea drill down on that type of content.

I found that brief talking head videos resonated most with my audience and drove business. It also helped that I could record these at home or out on the road when I was working / playing away.

Write Down 3 Subjects That Are Important To Your Ideal Customers

It helps that I’m an ideas man.

I usually have about 3 or 4 ideas at any one time.

I always write those ideas down in emails to myself, so that I don’t forget, and when it comes to the time I record my next Instagram Reels series (see below) I simply pick which is the most relevant to our audience at that time.

And that’s the key – making content based around what is important to your ideal customers.

Content production should never be a case of being sat a PC or your phone with a lack of ideas of what to produce – the hardest decision should be which idea of many to go with!

Turn These Subjects Into A Series of 5/7/10 or More Instagram Reels

I’ve realised the best way to produce content at scale is to produce series / seasons of content.

If you’ve followed us at over the past 6 months you’ll realise we’ve only actually delivered 3 series of content.

  • The A-Z OF Social Media 2022 – 26 Reels
  • How To Make More Money – 9 Reels
  • How XXX can with £XXX With Just One Customer – 5 Reels and Growing

That last reel is almost limitless and will continue until towards the end of the year.

By turning one idea into a series, we make it easy for ourselves.

Also, it means people come back time and time again for more.

Our most viewed Reel was viewed over 7000 times – you could say that’s working in a big way!

Script Your Instagram Reels

I script every single Instagram Reel I do.

Sometimes on the live take I improvise, but the rough structure is there.

With Instagram stories I often riff off the top of my head.

Instagram Reels are different than stories – they’re going to stick around and reach a large audience, so it’s important to get the right message across.

Even on a 45-60 Reel it’s about keeping the attention, as Instagram’s algorithm will judge you on retention rate. Keep it quick, punchy and have points of interest that keep people watching right until the end.

If you’re not doing a talking head Reel at this stage you might want to story board each scene on your Reel.

Source Images For Instagram Reel Green Screen

As stated earlier my videos are often talking heads videos.

One of the great things about Instagram Reels is the green screen effect – as I said it’s like having a video editing suite in your pocket.

Rather than just talk in a really dull looking office I green screen every reel I do

That means sourcing images I’ve either taken myself or from websites such as Pixabay or Pexels

The image can literally make the different between the success of your reel or not.


If you produce your 1st Instagram Reel after reading this blog share it with us so we can see what content is being put out there


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