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Are you still talking about Facebook in 2022?

Sure am – it’s the biggest Social Media Platform out there and for businesses that use it well it’s driving a lot of business.

If you run a restaurant, bar, shop, gym, beauty business, tradesman (electrician / plumber / DIY / builder etc) and are not winning business via your Facebook Page then here are some little changes that can help you win more business.

Why including your face on your businesses Facebook Page works

Facebook literally has the word Face in it.

They’re giving you a huge clue in their name.

Facebook is where people connect with other people from friends and family to businesses.

And the biggest advantage that small businesses (just about) have is they’re not a Faceless corporate.

I say just about, because if you look at the likes of M&S on TikTok you’ll see they’re taking away that advantage by putting their staff centre forward in their marketing for individual store accounts.

Once every big business realises this, then that small business advantage has gone.

It might be uncomfortable doing it at 1st, but trust me.

One of our recent reviews was “After an afternoon of social media training with Alex the advice he provided to me was easy to understand and very insightful”

I tried his suggestions and after just one post l went from having less than a reach of 30 people to over 1500 and l am blown away with how simple it was!!!!

My days why didnโ€™t l find you sooner ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€”

And guess what that post did – feature the face of the team!!!

How often should you post on Facebook

I’m not saying post daily, but you need to be frequent enough to be visible.

Did you know the Facebook algorithm means that users will only be able to see 20% of what is posted from Friends, Family and Pages they follow?

It was stated a few years ago that for the average Facebook user, if they saw every update from friends, family and pages they like they’d see 1500 updates a day – Facebook limits that to around 300 updates a day.

There are numerous ranking factors on how Facebook decides to show posts in the algorithm, but recency is one of them.

You can’t expect to post once per week and still make an impact.

I’m lucky that I’m not a volume business – I only need 4 clients a week to have a very busy business and those leads come from 5-6 marketing channels. So I only need 1 client a week from Facebook. If you’re a B2C business you’ll need to win over dozens or hundreds of customers a week.

You can’t win business if you’re posting so infrequently you don’t make an impact.

Why you should Include Your Customers (And Others) On Your Facebook Page

If you took a look at our Facebook page, you’d probably question why there isn’t more posts about social media on it.

About 80% is about our community (Clients / Local Businesses / Altrincham) and only 20% is about us.

Our Facebook is very different than how we market on other channels – for Instance LinkedIn is 80% business discussions.

We deliberately did it this way, because we realise on Facebook if we talk about our clients and the types of businesses we work with we’ll get more traction on Facebook than banging on about social media.

People like to see people like them, local faces they recognise and their stories.

And the upside of that is, with 10,000 people who follow us whenever a local business opens they know about us.

And to show it’s more than just B2C – a post about a B2B client we’ve worked with recently reached over 2000 people.

Why your Facebook Posts Needs To Have An Emotional Punch

On Facebook people need to feel something

Take a look at the last 5 posts you put out on your personal Facebook profile and chances are they fit into the following categories

Surprising / Impressive / Unusual
Informative / Important Information
Nostalgia / Day In The Life Of
Helpful / Supportive

Now take a look at your Facebook Page – are you best performing posts making people feel something in the same way.

Ask Yourself This One Question About Your Facebook Page Each Week

“What new ideas could we feature on our Facebook page”

When you start to understand why people spend nearly 20 hours a month on Facebook, you’ll get to the heart of great content.

People are scrolling endlessly because they want to see something new.

The scroll goes boring, boring, boring, oh that’s interesting. And it’s the latter that is why a 2 minute scroll on Facebook lasts 25 minutes.

Whilst your insights will be able to tell you what content works well for your audience, 20% of your time should be experimenting with new ideas to dazzle and excite.

We’ve had posts for our clients where the initial “New” post has reached 60,000+ people organically on Facebook โ€ฆ and when we’ve talked about the same subject a week later it’s only reach 10% of that initial reach.

New excites people.

Why you should join Facebook Groups For Business

Facebook groups are an absolutely fantastic way to spread the word about your business.

We run an Altrincham Facebook Group with 8.2k members in it.

The secret to success in Facebook Groups is to only put your highlights there.

Far too many businesses try and spam local Facebook groups with every post.

The reality is the businesses that do well in Facebook Groups are the ones that say we’re only going to post in them once per week – but when we do that content will blow people away. People will only see our 10/10 content rather than day to day posts.

The smart business owners will take a look each day and spend 5 minutes commenting on other members posts to create a real sense of community.

Why You Should Run Facebook Competitions For Business

Run Facebook competitions around the products / services you want to push

Competitions work for several reasons

  • People interact with Facebook Competitions so it feeds the algorithm and more people see your future posts
  • Facebook Competitions promote the product / service you’re offering as a prize
  • Facebook Competitions allow 3 posts – the competition, winners announcement, winner collecting prize

Work out if you can run a competition that runs weekly / monthly and watch your Facebook grow.


Why you should work with Micro Influencers / Local Influencers

It saves time to work with people who’ve got more influence and a larger audience than you.

And then take this step-by-step process

  1. Study their content i.e what they post
  2. Can you either a) Provide a newsworthy story that is shareable b) Give them a freebie for them to write about you c) Pay them to advertise
  3. Contact them with a personalised message and the offer
  4. Amplify the content they’ve put out about you
  5. Donโ€™t see this as a one off โ€“ see it as a exercise you repeat

In our last 10 posts, before writing this blog, we’ve featured a solicitor, arts project, tea room, gift shop, vegan retailer, festival, restaurant, bar, optician, streetfood.

If you’re one of those businesses, it’s proof we could feature a business like yours!


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