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Yet, is the key word here.

As I write this blog on TikTok in June 2022, I know you will be using TikTok within 18 months’ time and you’ll be wondering why you left it so late.

Some TikTok Stats here that you can’t ignore

  • TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times
  • TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users and of TikTok’s users, 1 in 4 can’t be found on any other platforms.
  • Over 100 million of TikTok’s users make up what TikTok describes as their strong European community.
  • Worldwide Tik Tok users spend nearly 20 hours a month on the platform.
  • UK users spend the most time on TikTok, with an average of 27.3 hours
  • The Average User Opens TikTok 19 Times Per Day

Let’s look at The Honest Truth About Why You’re Not Using TikTok yet

You’re Spinning Too Many Social Media Plates

This is a real issue.

I was chatting to a social media manager for a popular independent business this morning who talked about the issues with TikTok.

“I have a different audience for Instagram than I do from Facebook than I do from Twitter. I’m not touching LinkedIn as it is. And I know that the TikTok audience will expect something different than the other channels. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it at the moment.”

Now, that is someone who lives and breathes marketing and is great at their job.

So I have total sympathy with people who don’t work in marketing feeling that they’re spinning too many social media plates as it is, and that this is one platform too much.

Do an audit of what is working for you on social media at the moment. Maybe one of the platforms you use just isn’t generating results. You then have a decision to make – drill down on that platform and make it work or use those time resources for TikTok.

You Think TikTok Is All Kids And Dancing

If you had stated that TikTok is just kids and dancing in 2019 then there might have been some validity in it.

Now it’s such a varied beast.

TikTok isn’t just kids and dancing.

Whilst your teenage children’s FYP (For You Page) might be “kids and dancing” the TikTok algorithm is trained to show you the content that you interact with on a regular basis. So in my case it’s marketing, music and food, which I tend to see a lot of. There’s also a huge amount of comedy that I see as I go to TikTok for escapism.

Some of the subjects you can see on TikTok are as varied as Web Design, Excel Spreadsheets, Books and so much more.

What underpins it is, that whatever the subject matter there’s some element of entertainment and fun in the presentation.

You Think TikTok Is Not For B2B

Ok, so here’s how many videos views have had for the following hashtags (correct as of June 2022)

  • #b2b – 160.6 billion
  • #business – 20.7 billion
  • #law – 7.2 billion
  • #finance – 7.2 billion
  • #accountant – 6.4 billion
  • #hr – 1.7 billion
  • #networking – 524.5 million
  • #webdesign – 201.7 million
  • #ukbusiness – 63.0 million

Those are just a few examples to show you that B2B businesses are on TikTok and getting billions of views on their content.

You think you will win more customers on other platforms

A valid point.

If you’re starting on TikTok today it’s a brand-new platform for you.

And it’s easy to look at platforms you’re more established on and compare the results you’re getting from 5 years of solid usage with day 1 of using TikTok.

The biggest advantage of TikTok right now (and it won’t always be this way) is the TikTok algorithm and interest led FYP (For Your Page) that can show your content to fresh eyeballs.

So whilst you might start off thinking “why the hell I am doing this” when there’s only 200 views on a video, there will come a tipping point where suddenly 200 leaps to 2000.

And at one point you’ll go viral – we had a video that was viewed 90,000 times despite us only have 200 followers. That is what is possible with TikTok.

Your Team Aren’t Bought In on Content Production

I work in social media management.

I 100% feel your pain here.

It’s hard getting the whole team on board to part of the process.

With TikTok don’t start with the whole team.

Start with 1 member who really is keen to get involved.

Discuss what can be done before leaping into it. Play around with it. Experiment. Find the content that works for you. And drill down on it.

I often compare TikTok to Twitter in that you try so many different short ideas and over time you’ll understand what works for you.

Once you understand that, 1 by 1 you can get buy in from other members of the team.

You think TikTok is a fad

There might have been the argument pre-pandemic of whether TikTok is a fad or here for the long term.

It’s gone past the stage where TikTOk can be seen as a fad

It’s now one of the major players on social media that Instagram / Facebook / Traditional channels see as a huge threat.

It’s a cultural revolution that has seen a change in the way that brands market themselves, that musicians sell themselves, that has changed the way teachers and trainers communicate.

For many people, TikTok has become part of day to day life.

And give it 18 months, it will be as normal for the average person as checking email or other social media platforms 1st thing in the morning.

You don’t understand TikTok

You’ll never understand something, unless you invest the time in it.

It’s easy to assume TikTok is young people or dancing, if you’re looking from the outside

It’s easy to assume TikTok won’t work for your business, if you’ve not looked at other people in your industry on TikTok

It’s easy to assume you won’t get sales from TikTok, if you’ve only posted once.

Think back to your 1st week on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn and you’ll acknowledge you probably didn’t understand the platforms either.

And if you really want a helping hand, we have an Instagram Reels / TikTok Course that is for non-users / beginners / intermediate users of the platforms.


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