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Instagram started much the way that Prestige Floor Studio involvements with Twitter did, by wanting to have a nosey at other peoples photos!

Having been converted to using twitter and having first hand experience as to the sales power it can have, we though that an Instagram account would be worth a go!

We we were on it for quite sometime before I again tried to start focusing on the images that we were publishing. There was no point in having just flooring pics as they can be quite boring (!) so we made sure to put real photos in too as that is what keeps me following someone else.

I have owned Prestige Floor Studio for about 4 years now and I moved house last year. This was the first time that I had actually used my flooring company for my house, so it was easy to take some pics along the way and show everyone what we were doing. These pics we generally going to friends and family but one person saw the picture, then tagged their friend into it, who subsequently tagged their friend into it. This final friend of a friend of a friend was living not too far away and luckily had a house similar to mine and similar taste. A few phonecalls and emails later we had visited this person and measured and quoted for a carpet and wood flooring. The overall order was around £6000, which from simply taking a picture using a free app is not too shabby.

We will continue to use Instagram where suitable as it’s a fun way of getting your message across in a new media that isn’t considered a sales tool, this means people are much more open to using it.

Here’s the pic that won us the job!

Prestige Floor Studio - Instagram

Prestige Floor Studio are based in Altrincham but work across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Nationally 

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