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Social Media, it’s a varied life which requires you to have 12 different heads in one day as you switch from campaign to campaign

At Altrincham HQ we’ve decided to a monthly recap diary of what we’ve been up to at in the office and a few of the campaigns / training sessions we’ve been working on this month

Francs Altrincham
The hottest British Summer since the 70s was great for many, but the heatwave brought it’s issues for restaurants with people’s appetites shrinking and BBQs at home replacing dining out

The focus for July was definitely on Air Conditioned restaurants and some of the lighter dishes / ice creams / sorberts on offer at the restaurants we work with.

To say the cooling down in the past week was welcome was an understatement. On the Sunday just gone for instance our local indian restaurant got 15 bookings over Facebook / Twitter in one day and the local Thai Restaurant got a large group booking on 10 tourists via their online marketing on Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor and Twitter are core to any restaurant marketing campaign – you can’t beat word of mouth and true customer feedback!!

July also saw us working on the pre-launch Social Media campaign for a restaurant in Wilmslow which saw them get bookings before doors had even opened.

Towards the end of the month we’ve been working on an A Level / GCSE Results Day Marketing for many of our restaurants. A huge untapped market with many restaurants / bars leaving the marketing to the actual day. Our campaigns are already full steam ahead, bookings are being taken and the early innovation is paying off

We have plenty of ideas for Restaurant Marketing outside the usual Valentines Day / Mothers Day / Fathers Day / Xmas etc – get in touch on

House Of Finesse Hair Salon
Whether it’s the actual sheer pain of threading paying off 🙂 … or the fact we’ve worked with REM – Europe’s leading manufacturer of Salon equipment – but we seem to be getting a lot of work with hair and beauty salons

We wrote a blog on Why Hairdressers and Taxi Drivers offer the highest form of engagement face 2 face, but struggle online which you can read here

Putting together campaigns for Hair Salons based around engagement, styling ideas and the art of a conversation offers so much more than just the usual “Business Card” discount advertising.

With many salons it’s about offering services locally, which makes me question why I see other local salons following tweeters in LA and France with no specific interest in the business or industry

The photo above is a great example of a Salon’s opening day after marketing for a month pre-launch

MMU Business Bootcamp


Starting up in Business is tough. Scratch that – it’s really really really tough!

And it’s really lonely doing the working from home routine every day when you’re used to a room full on University students or an office in the 9-5

When Naomi Timperley from Enterprise Lab asked me to deliver presentations on Social Media for business / Why Networking is Important for the MMU Business Bootcamp I jumped at the chance. 1) Because I love passing on the knowledge to help new start ups and 2) Nothing like this existed when I started my first business / freelance assignments. There was literally no help at all

I can’t say anything about the businesses themselves due to everybody signing Non-Disclosure agreements – but wow, there were some great ideas in the room that could go all the way!

If you’re new to business follow @altrinchamhq @naomitimperley or @mmucfe for updates on the next Business Bootcamp

Social Media For Photographers
Every month 12 Portrait photography Studios meet up in their respective hometown’s to discuss business, keep each other on track and have a learning session to develop their business

Thanks to a recommendation from Barbara Hallwood I was asked by Neil Barrett to come down and chat for a morning about how they can use Social Media specifically for their photography businesses

Photographers are very marketing savvy – they monitor and track what works marketing wise, why it works and they have a shared knowledge between 12 different businesses as to best practice

The twitter training therefore was as much focused on how to track what’s working in terms of analytics, engagement and viral spread as much as it was going through the set up and basics / terminology of twitter

On Facebook we spent time looking at what Facebook edgerank meant for their businesses and refining calls to action and best practice from the group

Will be interesting to watch the training put into action

Find out more about Neil Barrett here



  • Diners under the age of 34 are the most likely to eat out and spend more per head – where are these people? Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
  • For a business with a physical location have a Social Media lead in campaign of at least 4 weeks to build up brand awareness for the launch
  • Are you a start up business? Why not set up an informal group of businesses to better establish industry best practice

If you need help on Social Media Management or Training for Your Business – get in touch -we cover Manchester,  Cheshire and The North West

Email or call 07806 774279

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