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Do you need to give yourself a break over certain things on Social Media?

Is the pressure putting you in a bad place?

Is it making your business a hellish place to be rather than a joyful place?

After the 2 years we’ve just had in a pandemic, perhaps you need to read this blog

5 Things You Need To Give Yourself a Break Over (On Social Media) just touches on the main points – if there’s anything else you’d add do let me know on

I hope these make you see that you’re doing the very best you can do.

1. Taking A Day Off
If you don’t post on social media today, your business will not fall apart.

If you don’t post on social media during your summer holiday, your business will not fall apart.

If you don’t post on social media for a 2-week festive break, your business will not fall apart.

Taking time off from social media is needed for all of us.

I work in social media, it’s an industry that has about 20 million updates a day on product features and changes and new platforms, but I’m a rare case where it’s part of the job to be on social media all of the time.

The social media platforms like Twitter often consider users inactive if they don’t post in over 30 days, whilst other platforms look at areas such as daily active users.

As long as you understand why you’re using social media and you’ve thought deeply about why you’re posting; what you’re posting; where you’re posting; the results you expect from social media … then a day here and there away from social media will not impact your results.

Disclaimer: Don’t read this and think here comes a 12 month sabbatical from social media.

2. Scheduling Social Media Updates
Scheduling social media updates is not a crime.

If scheduling is the only way to make sure you post consistently on social media.

And you’re turning up in-between and engaging.

Go for it.

Life often gets in the way of social media, be it family or clients or meetings or a social life.

These social media scheduling tools exist to help you.

Don’t feel guilty about it.

We’re honest and we schedule some of our social media posts – it’s why you might feel we’re omnipresent on social media.

Disclaimer: Allow yourself the freedom to post in the moment

3. Re-using Content
You DO need to produce content for social media.


You don’t always need to create new content for social media.

Re-using your best performing content is a smart move.

1. Use Your Insights / Analytics to see what was performing well 12/24 months ago
2. Pick the 10 best posts
3. Re-write or update them
4. Post again

With a fresh audience, often this content will perform better 2nd time round than 1st time.

You can thank me later 🙂

Disclaimer: 10-20% of your posts should be experimentation and trying new ideas

4. Posts Flopping / Not Going Viral
I work in social media and sometime our posts flop.

My most popular post in the 1st 10 days of the year so far has reached about 70x more people than my worst performing post.

Posts flopping are a inevitable part of posting on social media regularly.

And as long as you hit more than you miss and your content resonates with your ideal audience, then you’re winning.

It’s worth remembering as well that when large brands go viral, it’s often planned in advance with lots of stakeholders helping it happen.

Disclaimer: If every post is met with radio silence than you need to look at your content and analyse why it’s not making people feel anything / react.

5. Lower Production Values Than Big Brands
I’ve met far too many people who have an inferiority complex because their social media doesn’t “Look as good” as major brands.

Or that their Instagram grid doesn’t look perfect, so they just don’t post.

The large brands have 10-20 people teams with photographers, copywriters, designers, lighting techs, videographers and more.

Your posts are never going to look at polished as these brands.

Aesthetically compare yourself to someone in the position as yourself – often a 1 (wo)man team who is running social media alongside their day-to-day work.

Give yourself the freedom to look good, but not be perfect.

Disclaimer: If you can afford the budget of getting in a local professional photographer in – it’s a worthwhile investment

Do you recognise the above?
Which is the most helpful?
Do you need to give yourself a break?
Are you being compassionate enough?

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