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Imagine if you could make tiny changes to your social media marketing and see massive improvements.

Even better than that.

Imagine if those tiny changes took you exactly the same amount of time you’re spending on social media right now. Or the worst-case scenario took you an extra 15 minutes for those changes.

That’s what happens when businesses come to us for social media training – we look at these 8 areas and by making changes in each area the compound effect means it brings huge improvements across the board.

Imagine you gave yourself a score of 5/10 for your social media so far. Bang average. Not bad, but not good either. What difference would taking that 5/10 to an 8-9/10 make for your business. You’d be at the top end of the scale and stand out amongst the competition.

Change for the good is a step in the right direction.

The reason for changing social media is all about the end goal.

– Get You Noticed
– To shift people from awareness to consideration
– To get people to work with / buy from you

What is your end goal with social media?

What is the desired outcome?

How will it improve your life?

Let’s look at 8 Areas You Can Improve On

Social Media Platforms have changed over the years.

You could say they’ve become too bloated over the past couple of years adding feature after feature after feature.

Just because a platform is there, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Just because a feature is there, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

But you have to have an understanding of the platforms and the features, so you can decide on a case by basis if they benefit your type of business.

We call this understanding the mechanics and nuances of social media because what you post on Instagram might be different than Facebook, which might be different than Twitter and almost 100% is different than what is on LinkedIn.

Around 2/3 of people that talk to us explain their follower growth has stagnated.

Now – you have to have the right followers rather than followers for the sake of it. But more followers / connections as long as they’re targeted often equals more opportunities.

Obviously, a restaurant that needs 50 customers a night to break even is different than a business coach who only works with 10 customers a year.

Horses for courses as they say, but lack of follower growth is often an indication your other key areas such as quality of content and engagement are not firing at 100%.

Even 10 new followers a week means 520 over a year.

Could that make a difference to your bottom line if they converted?

Are you an ideas person?

Do you have a series of content pillars you base your content around?

Do you see social media as an opportunity to unleash your creative side?

To play to your strengths whether they be written, visual or audio and generate ideas that make you stand out.

To not just do the same as every other person in the industry.

Great ideas are at the heart of social media.

To some this comes natural. Others might need outside help to make it happen.

Take a look at your social media feed right now.

Now imagine if you:
– Could take better photos yourself
– Had a professional photographer
– Employed a graphic designer
– Didn’t stutter all over your videos
– The captions / copywriting was better

A decade ago, when social media was in its infancy you could get away with below par content.

In 2021 the bar for quality content has really been raised.

That said a photo of you with messy hair that is unique will always out perform a “Personal Branding” shot that is exactly the same as everyone else’s personal branding shot.

So make sure – ideas + quality come together.

Most people worry about over posting.

Even the people only posting once a week.

It’s very very very hard to over post.

If you get to the stage where you’re over-posting you literally have ZERO customers because there are only so many hours in a day.

It doesn’t have to be daily – you’re not working in social media marketing full time like us.

But it needs to be enough to break through the noise.

Find your own rhythm. Look at what is standard for your industry.

When you turn up regularly with generosity great things happen.

“Alex – I post nearly every day, but nobody ever likes or comments on my posts. I feel like I’m wasting my time”.

Whilst it’s true that a lot of people who buy from you will be the people that never like or comment on your posts.

It’s also true that the reason these people see your posts in the 1st place is because of the algorithm and the fact that other people are responding to your posts.

Total lack of engagement is feedback itself.

It’s the feedback that your content is neither useful or relatable.

It’s also something you’re unlikely to get unless you care enough to engage with others.

A smart engagement strategy is something that should be part of your social media strategy.

To be great at social media marketing you need to be a sexy creative geek.

I say this all the time and to explain.

You need to produce sexy creative that resonates with your audience.

Equally you need to be a geek with the data, analytics and insights and use that to improve your content.

Each platform has a different dashboard to understand, but once you know what you’re looking for you can improve your content week on week.

The holy grail.

Sales are ultimately why you’re doing social media marketing for business.

All the other things lead to sales when done the right way, but this is often the metric the matters.

Should we be seeing sales at this point?
Has social media improved our bottom line?
Has it led to enough sales for the amount of time we’re spending on it?

Social Media is not a quick win and it’s unlikely that most people will walk up to you and say “I saw you on XXX so now I’m buying from you” so you need to have a system to track sales sources.

Most people that come to us are not total beginners at social media,

They have their strengths and weaknesses from the above.

Some of the areas they’ll be towards the top of their game.

Others they’ll be average or below average.

It’s the overall score that people often seek to improve. They want to take wherever they are now and ramp it up 2 or 3 points.

So ask yourself …

If you’re 5/10 currently – would you want to be a 7/8 out of 10.

If you’re 7/10 currently – would you like to be 9/10 (nobody is every a 10 as there’s always something to improve on).

Those 2 or 3 points are often the different between someone choosing your business over the competition.

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