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Which is more important in marketing – Effort Or Results?

“Which is more important – Effort or Results?”

I saw this question on LinkedIn yesterday

I answered results


Because you can put a lot of effort in and still not achieve what you set out to

Results matter

It’s a close call though, so I thought it was a subject worth exploring in the context of what I do in social media marketing

Nothing worth having ever came easy

We live in a fast-food world where we want things in an instant

People sell the dreams of overnight success and “Get Rich Quick Schemes” prey on the desperate and vulnerable

I always tell people who come to us for social media training or social media management
– Social Media is not a quick win, it takes time
– After half a day with us you’re going to have to work hard
– Anyone who tells you “You can manage social media in 10-15 minutes a day is lying”
– You have to work hard and work smart

Effort does lead to results if you’re doing the right things

It goes without saying you need a great product or service with a USP as the foundations. But if you have an understanding of marketing, an understanding of how to plan out campaigns and bolster that by making social media part of your daily habits you will see results from social media.

Effort is important and it’s often something we drive into our children growing up. Work hard and it will pay off.

The caveat though >>> Effort only brings results when it’s focused on the right areas with a plan

I see lots of people working hard. Spending hours on social media and simply not getting results. You might call this being a busy fool.

When I think of people putting in effort on social media but not getting results I think of this blog here

How Long to Dabble With Social Media Before Consulting A Professional?

It details a real life story of how someone had spent 112 hours on social media without a single lead or sale … (and since then I’ve met people who have spent double or triple that amount of time)

Read it here

How Long to Dabble With Social Media Before Consulting A Professional?

Results are what our clients pay us for

They honesty don’t care if we spend 5 minutes or 5 hours on something

The only thing that matters is the results

What is the end goal and what are you trying to achieve with your marketing?

It’s worth remembering that, although it often is, sales may not be the number one objective

It may be awareness, consideration or credibility building

As I write this it’s the morning of the Euros semi-final between England and Denmark

What actually matters at around 9.45pm tonight is the result – did England win the match?

We can analyse the effort after the results

We can talk about how they deserved it or if they were lucky to win etc

But what is the actual result

That is what is in the history books

Right now for your business there might be external issues impact your results – a pandemic and brexit are things impacting all businesses

But focus on what you can control and you’ll ride this out

Effort is important

It’s something to be applauded and work ethic is something we always admire in a business owner

But results matter

Results are either A) Never Coming B> Showing Signs Of Coming C) Coming but could be better D) Pretty Damn Perfect

We’d love your feedback

Which is more important – effort or results?

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