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15 Reasons Clients Use Altrincham HQ (and what difference it makes)

Most people will assume it’s nothing more than reason number 1 here

But there are so many nuances and reasons people choose Altrincham HQ

Some of our clients will read this and think this was the reason I got in touch

Some of you might read and think he’s describing me right now

1. They want more sales
2. They haven’t a clue about Social Media
3. They want to improve on a specific social media platform
4. Their business is struggling – they see a big social media push as the last chance for their business
5. They’re looking for growth – either in a specific market or rapid growth
6. Their competition is using social media – either they’re simply using it or they’re a lot better than them
7. Their current social media marketing isn’t performing as well as it used it
8. They’ve just launched / about to launch a business
9. They want to train the whole team up on Social Media (Employee Advocacy)
10. They’ve read our content … and been inspired
11. They’re a well established businesses and their customers are retiring / referral pipeline is drying up
12. A new marketing manager has highlighted social media as one of the company’s weaknesses / opportunities for growth
13. They want more positive PR and seeing Digital PR / Social Media as a way to improve that
14. The press won’t feature them unless they pay for it
15. They’re looking to recruit and realise their social media doesn’t attract people

Which describes your scenario?

Write that down now

Now fill in this short form

Rate yourself out of 10 for each of the areas below

(0 being you don’t have a clue and 10 being I know everything you can’t teach me a single a thing about this)

Understanding Of Platform / 10
Follower Growth / 10
Idea Generation / 10
Quality Of Content / 10
Consistency / Frequency / 10
Engagement / 10
Analytics / 10
Sales / 10
Overall / 10

Now paint a picture

Just sit back and think what would growth in each of those areas above look like after training

Your weaker areas might mean the scores go up my 4 or 5

Your stronger areas might go up by 1 or 3 out of 10

Your overall score could be 3 points higher

If you have better marketing what would that mean in terms
– Increased Awareness
– Increased Engagement
– Increased Sales

Here’s an example from a large corporate we trained for where the focus was positive PR and awareness rather than sales to give you an idea

Now you’ve read the reasons clients use Altrincham HQ for marketing

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