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Altrincham based architecture firm Kitson Architecture celebrated their 10th birthday this week

Ellen, what is the secret to success for running a business for 10 years?

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved over the last ten years. We have consistently grown our practice and broadened the sectors that we work with. Along the way we have cultivated lasting relationships with our clients and worked with progressive design teams, always aiming to provide the best possible architectural service. Whilst our clients are located nationwide it is the Altrincham Business and Networking Communities that we have drawn so much support and nourishment from. The town just goes from strength to strength and we love having our offices on Greenwood Street right at the heart of all the action!”


So we asked them what do you think is the difference between a good tutoring firm and a great tutoring firm?

The thing about tuition is that as an unregulated industry many people, companies and individuals will offer tuition as a service irrespective of their own qualification or experiences. Great tutors and tuition companies provide specifically trained, qualified, specialists and ensure that students are working with the most appropriate specialist for their needs. You wouldn’t see an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor about a Heart condition and the same applies with teaching. Once that has been taken care of, relationships with parents/carers and students are key to success – building a strong rapport and relationship one of trust, belief in each other and high expectations for success are essential. Tuition doesn’t fix everything, it’s one hour a week that is there to enhance, consolidate, develop and support the main source of education so having an open and two way dialogue with parents/carers is absolutely critical in getting the most out of the tuition.



Admiral Travel are an independent Travel Agent in Altrincham and after a difficult couple of years with the pandemic they’ve come out strong

Recently winning 2 awards at the Hays Travel UK conference for Best luxury holiday retail agent and Best in Cruise 2022 we caught up with the team

How does it feel for an independent Travel Agent in Altrincham to recognised on a national level? And why do you feel you were the business they recognised?

Altrincham over the last few years has seen a massive growth in regeneration and we have definitely seen the rewards from this at Admiral Travel.

Admiral Travel has a dedicated, experienced, loyal and hardworking team working behind the scenes.

The national award we have picked up with Hays Travel has highlighted this and we are amazingly proud of the team.

By offering a professional and price competitive service we have grown from strength to strength.

Admiral Travel are open 7 days a week on George Street, we are a family run business and pride ourselves on offering the best service out there.


Sarah Norman of Bright New Me received the ‘Quality Research Award’ from the British College of Aesthetic Medicine BCAM for my clinical paper published in the international medical ‘Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy’ on ‘The Lifting Effect of Botox’.

How did it feel to recognised by such an important organisation for your industry?

I was chuffed to bits! The British College of Aesthetic Medicine is the UK’s leading representative body for doctors practising aesthetic medicine. To receive the ‘Quality Research Award’ from them in September 2022 was a huge honour. This was for my clinical paper published in the international medical ‘Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy’ on ‘The Lifting Effect of Botox’.

My research was something good out of lockdown #1 when we had to close our clinic for 4 months.

If I’m honest I found doing research on my own quite hard going – analysing the data from 100 patients. I’ve realised I much prefer hands-on clinical work and interacting with patients. But I’m really pleased I managed to follow my project though, get it published, and then even win an award!

The details of the research very much fit in with one of my favourite techniques for using Botox. This involves treating the facial muscles with a really subtle dose to lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes for a brighter, fresher, less tired look. No-one need know!


Helen at Learn North West was interviewed this week by Global, Europe’s largest radio company, to give our opinions about how the national lockdowns have affected children’s educational and mental wellbeing.

It’s an important subject. How did it feel as a local business to go on national radio?

It was a pleasure to be asked to share our views on air, some of you might have heard it this week on Smooth, Heart or Capital Radio stations nationwide this week

Honestly, it was nerve wracking at the time – it was a real out of my comfort zone moment! However, the topic was one that I feel strongly about and I felt comfortable and confident that sharing my perspective on this matter would be helpful and hopefully reassuring to the many parents across the country who have dealt with and are still dealing with the lockdown effects. Afterwards I felt so proud to have represented Learn North West on national radio and it was amazing that some of our teachers and students caught this on their way to school in the morning!

© Harry Atkinson 01/02/2022. Lovingly Artisan, Kendal, Cumbria, UK.


Lovingly Artisan who are based at Altrincham Market and over in Kendal have been named Artisan Producer of the Year in the Cumbria Life People’s Choice Awards 2022

You’ve won so many awards over the years – how important is it as a business to be recognised for your work?

It’s vitally important. Every award helps us to measure our progress and plan our future. In a creative business like ours, no year is the same. We approach every year as a new chapter of opportunities, fresh approaches, innovative ideas. All these concepts need to be tested. Hence we enter awards to test ourselves as entrepreneurs and bakers.

The Cumbria Life People’s Choice Award for Artisan Producer of the Year is ever so special to us because it is voted for by our loving and loyal customers. Here in Cumbria, we are surrounded by some of the finest artisan producers in the country, so we are especially proud to have been chosen as the people’s favourite food producer.

Awards have a really positive impact on our bakers and colleagues. They recognise and celebrate the hard work of everyone on the team and play an essential role in helping us plan the sustainable development of our business.

Over the years, many bakers have applied to work at Lovingly Artisan because of the recognition we have received from our peers, our industry, our professional bodies. That’s another reason we’re so delighted to receive our most recent award: because we know bakers nationwide understand the value of the title ‘Producer of the Year’ in this county famed for the quality and ingenuity of its food businesses.



4 1:1 Diet Consultants have come together to open up an office in Hale.

How does it feel to finally have your own place?
Being a local resident having a local business in the area helping local people is really rewarding as my clients are then my walking advertisements and showcase the work they put in with my help. It’s a self satisfying non job. – Leah MacKay

Having our own space in Hale gives the client more reason to come to a mutual unbiased surrounds and are more likely to open up with their aspirations and goal weights. We have these intimate conversations with lots of support, counselling and hints and tips throughout their journey. – Mareyam Shah

Hale has such an eclectic mix of people, shops, businesses, schools, surgery’s and hospitals nearby. It’s great that people can choose their consultant too. We each have our own unique health/well-being and weight loss journey to inspire and make clients feel at ease and supported. – Jeannie Wilson

Hale Village has such a special vibe about it which makes me feel lucky to have an exclusive base. It’s reassuring to share the space with 3 other supportive consultants which gives us & the wider community more flexibility to access our pod within Progress House. – Darren Donohue


Dose set up in Hale in September 2021, have almost doubled their client base in the last year and are now shortlisted for Brow Salon Of The Year 2022 in the Brow Awards

How does it feel to achieve so much in just 12 months time?

It feels a little unreal, if I’m honest. I started this business venture with an aim to succeed and be successful, I mean who doesn’t when they start up a business? But I never in a million years expected to be have my own studio and to have been shortlisted for two awards in the first 12 months of opening. I just want to be really great at what I do. I want my clients to trust my skills and know they are in safe hands when they visit.


Sara Kay at Serious Laughter recently did 4 Laughter Yoga Workshops to 300 people at Fearne Cottons Happy Place Festival.

After Sara received an amazing review from Miss Cotton herself under her married name Fearne Wood

How did it feel when you received the Fearne Cotton review?
I was on cloud 9! I couldn’t believe it. So so happy and felt honoured to have read her review and spread such happiness to all the participants.

Fearne was so lovely – she messaged me to thank me for being at the Happy Place Festival.

During the conversation I thought, “If I don’t ask for a review from her, then I’ll regret not asking”.

She was delighted to have been asked.

I mentioned to her that I’d heard from her helper that she had enjoyed watching the Laughter Yoga workshop I was delivering – and so I know she had benefitted from my laughter expertise first hand haha.


Tony Collier is shortlisted for the NW Cancer Awards for “Male – Champion Awareness Campaigner” in the NW Cancer Awards

You literally raise awareness 365 days a year – how does this awards shortlist feel?
In May 2017 I was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer and told I might only have two years to live. I’d had no symptoms until a runners groin strain started hampering my training 3 months earlier. I was shocked to find out that I’d probably had the cancer developing for 10 years. I’d had no symptoms at all.

Later, I discovered that I’d had the right to a simple blood test from age 50 that could have detected the cancer early and led to me being cured instead of being diagnosed terminal. If only I’d known! Since then I’ve made it my mission to make sure as many men as possible know what I didn’t. I do 25-35 awareness talks each year and have spoken to 1000’s of men which I believe will have led to hundreds of men being diagnosed early and cured. That’s the power of raising awareness!

I don’t raise awareness for recognition but I am absolutely delighted to be short listed for the NW Cancer Awards in the Male – Champion Awareness Campaigner category. It’s also great that campaigns like Paint Altrincham Blue, a week of campaigning about men’s health each November, are starting to be a bigger part of my awareness raising.

My simple message to all men in the risk categories is to get tested. Go to your GP and ask for a PSA blood test if your over 50 years old, 45 if you’re black or have a family history of prostate cancer.


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