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In this Beginners Guide To TikTok For Business, I’m going to detail exactly what you should do before considering launching your TikTok account for business.

For 90% of business owners, TikTok will be an alien experience.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where often there was a few years of personal experience before using it for business. Unlike LinkedIn where you might have had a profile from a previous job or business before realising it was extremely useful for your current business. Unlike Twitter where you used to follow football teams and the news before thinking this could be useful for business.

TikTok is just brand new and even though your only knowledge of it is that kids use it, I suspect many of our readers have never personally had an account or spent a significant amount of time on TikTok.

Yet the reason you’re here is you’ve read stats that businesses are reaching 6 figure viewing figures and they are actually generating sales from it.

Fear no more because this Beginners Guide To TikTok For Business will set up a framework before you’ve even opened a business account.

Sign Up For A Personal TikTok Account

Use your personal email for this and just set up a TikTok account for personal usage.

Imagine if I told you at 6 months old you’re going to be expected to drive a Ferrari without eve walking, running, cycling, taking driving lessons, driving a normal car.

You’d have no clue where to start as you didn’t have any foundations.

You can’t be expected to run a TikTok account for business without using it personally first.

So download the app, set up your account, put a photo and biog in there and follow @altrinchamhq as your 1st follow – message us and say hello

Consume TikTok Content Based Around Your Interests

Reminder that this is for personal use rather than business at this stage.

Write down 5 different interests you have outside of work.

Mine are Vegan Food, Music, Running, Gym, Comedy

For each of the 5 areas you choose, use the search bar and follow 5 accounts from each of those interests that really stand out for you.

With 25 accounts followed this will start to give TikTok an idea of what you’re interested in

I want you to spend the next month consuming content on TikTok – set an timer for 10-15 minutes a day (warning: TikTok is addictive so if you don’t set an alarm you could spend a lot more time here)

Write Notes On What Content Stands Out

When you’re on TikTok have a notepad next to you

Write notes on what stands out

  • Trends
  • Opening Lines on TikTik Videos
  • Editing techniques
  • Cover images
  • Music
  • Subject matter

Anything that makes you go WOW I really love that or I really hate that

If you see things you don’t like you can always use the “Not Interested” button on the app – it’s the arrow bottom right of a video and then you’ll see not interested.

Write Notes On Interests Shown To You That You Didn’t Expect

What I love about TikTok is it shows you things you really didn’t expect to be interested in.

Because of TikTok I went on my 1st ever solo holiday this year – all because one user started posting about the holidays she’d done this year where the flights all cost less than £30.

I never thought that i’d see Line Dancing videos and think that seems fun. And yet I did see a modern line dancing group dancing to Ed Sheerans “Shivers”, liked it and now when I see people from that group it just brings me joy. I’d even go as far as say I’d attend a local group if they were this funky.

They say TikTok knows you better than your family so go with the flow and write down and maybe research some of these interests offline

TikTok is a great way to expand your interests.

Produce A TikTok Yourself

Now you have had month on TikTok, it’s time to turn from consumer to producer.

What is the one subject in your personal life that you’re passionate about?
What is the one interest that you could stand up and talk about without prep?
What actually excites you?

Once you have that I now want you to produce your very 1st TikTok on that subject. Recap everything you’ve written down about what content stands out.

Don’t worry at this stage about going viral or getting views.

At this stage it’s a big step to post, so just go all in on production and don’t have any expectations.

It might get 20 views, 200 views, 2000 views or 20,000 views.

Just get over the barrier of posting for the 1st time.

Repeat number 5 10x before launching a business account

Now I want you repeat step number 5 at least 10 times before launching a business account.

I want you to really enjoy the process and start to find out what is working for you and what isn’t.

But more importantly than that, I’m hoping that you’re going to continue with your personal account once you launch your business account.

This jump into TikTok could open a whole new life that you never really imagined possible.

TikTok could change your life both personally and professionally.

Keep an eye out for TIkTok Beginners Guide – Part 2 coming soon


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