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In Social Media terms 2012 may well be remembered as the year Facebook went public, tried to reap in advertising revenue and as the public see it made you “pay for your fans who have liked your page to actually see your post”

This isn’t an elongated post about Facebook edgerank algorithms – there are plenty of blogs on that that you could google in an instant, but to give some context to this article in the same way that you’ll often see those close friends you interact with on your newsfeed the moment you log in, the same applies to facebook pages – so essentially if you’re creating a page where people interact you’ll still be highly visible

If you’re new to segmention sections on facebook such as close friends and interest lists i’d also suggest you look at the previous blog on Facebook Interest lists here

Facebook has clearly been taking on board those comments from their users though in terms of not being able to see facebook page posts and is rolling out a pages feed option which you can view below

As you can see from the image at the end of the blog the pages I like are very much rock & roll with my twitter lists being the B2B playground, but everybody uses facebook differently … and just looking at these updates alone I can see most of these would have been missed in my main timeline

Granted this new facebook pages feed addition won’t change the fact that
* if your message is push marketing rather than pull then the page likers won’t be engaged
* People will unlike if you post a stream of constant advertising messages at them
* It won’t create the images / photos you need to be more visible
* It won’t develop your overall content / social media strategy

It will however hopefully start a change in the way people use facebook pages and interact with their brands – so if your message is on target and interesting it will raise the visibility and engagement of your updates

So educate your fans post the link above out to your facebook fans and twitter followers – but remember make sure you keep the updates interesting

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Facebook Pages Feed - Example Pic

Facebook Pages Feed – Example Pic

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