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A few interesting facts and stats about Altrincham HQ

By November 5, 2012June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Call it small talk or watercooler talk looking back over the past 18 months since Altrincham HQ officially started training businesses on Social Media we’ve had more than a few interesting and strange facts that have cropped up over time

Thought i’d share a few with you

* 57% of our current Social Media Management clients are restaurants – bizarrely i’ve lost 5 stone in weight in this time

* Pre weightloss 37% of my Social Media training was with women – post weightloss 70% of my Social Media training is with women

* The oldest client i’ve trained was 73 – the youngest is 18

* A few people that have retweeted us include Shane Richie, Al Murray Pub Landlord and the Thomas Brothers from Corrie / Emmerdale – our largest set of RTs went out to over 160,000 people

* When I first started tweeting about Altrincham in Sept 2009 there were a handful of us … as I type this blog on Nov 5th 2012 in terms of Altrincham there have been 129 tweets, generated 133,486 impressions, reaching an audience of 75,896 followers within the past 24 hours

* We’ve worked with both pet businesses and kids magazines – they say never work with animals or kids and we’ve seemingly done both

* The largest single order one of clients has won over twitter is £7000 – the smallest is probably a book of stamps

* One training client got his first order over twitter just 2 days after training with us – they’d previously been on twitter for 2 years before working with us

* One of our clients accounts 40% of his retail business in Altrincham to twitter

* I once appeared on BBC Breakfast TV off the back of a tweet – read the full blog here

* In Oct 2012 we worked with our first client outside the northwest (a Social Media for musicians client from London), and took on our first international Social Media Management client on who mainly works in the middle east

* Altrincham’s first ever #AltyTweetUp happened in Oct 2012 and was arranged by Neil Hughes of the Cinnamon Club – one of our fab clients

And in keeping with the light hearted nature of this blog have a look at this funny Social Media song here – Social Networking Site by Scumbag Philosopher

Of course if you want something more serious look at our Social Media Services and Testimonial sections or email with any questions on Social Media

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