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Alty Tweetup

Alty Tweetup

Last Friday night we went to the first ever Alty Tweet up – a night arranged by Neil at The Cinnamon Club / The Bowdon Rooms

We’d worked with Neil on 2 Social Media Training Sessions for the business to establish a focus to the social media activities for the well established venue

On the training we’d highlighted the need for venues to link with their physical environment and we’d seen evidence of this previously at functions including our own Dementia Choir visit to show off the Olympic Torch

From the moment we walked into the #AltyTweetUp there was just a real synergy between what was a meeting of people who’d only chatted before on twitter to old Altrincham Friends. The traditional locals network with new media and this was even more apparent with the photo opportunity where attendees were snapped with a chalkboard sign with their twitter handle on

It was a really nice touch that literally took us retrospectively to the back2school feeling with a modern twist

More important it highlighted the need to link your physical environment with your online activities and the day following the tweet up photos were placed on a gallery on the venues facebook and promoted via twitter.

Alty Tweetup - The Cinnamon Club

Alty Tweetup - The Cinnamon Club

Explaining where the idea came from Neil Hughes said

“There were two reasons for holding a TweetUp. The first was simply to put names to faces, I was having so many conversations online about Altrincham and business, I actually wanted to meet people face to face. It exceeded my expectations; so many new people, so much positivity and people I would genuinely want to go and have a beer with. The second reason is more business-centric. Sometimes it is just difficult to explain how absolutely stunning this period venue is, one of the jewels in Trafford Council’s buildings. I wanted to entice some very busy people to see us at our best, entertaining with live music in the intimate Lounge, great food from Herb & Spice and finally a brilliant gig in the ballroom. Again, I think we achieved our aim. One of the most interesting aspects of the TweetUp chat on Twitter was also the number of people who couldn’t come, or who hadn’t been searching “Altrincham” and didn’t hear about the do until other guests tweeted, and were immediately asking if they could come to the next one. So I guess success breeds success.”

Alty Tweetup Roger Preece

Alty Tweetup Roger Preece

Vicar of Bowdon Roger Preece added on twitter

“Went to my first tweet up last night. I don’t think this would all be happening without @altrinchamhq encouraging local people to connect”

Alty Tweetup Altrincham HQ

Alty Tweetup Altrincham HQ


1. Your customers are your biggest influencers – include them in your social media photos

2. Encourage customers to create their own images / photos – look at @pittacrepeuk for great examples of this

3. Make sure your Social Media links of easily visible in your businesses physical environment – shop, restaurant, retail outlet

4. Include all Social Media links on office stationary / email signatures

5. If using traditional paid for media such as newspaper adverts include your social media address on – spell it out – don’t just but the twitter / facebook symbols

Follow @thecinnamonclub for news of future tweet ups

Follow @herbspicegarden for fab foodie tweets

Follow @altrinchamhq for all things Altrincham and Social Media

Photos by William Ellis

And contact if you want to develop your own linked up Social Media strategy

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