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Catherine Wilks - In Movement

Catherine Wilks - In Movement

Developing relationships is the highest priority at In Movement, it is core to the content of the training we deliver, and essential to the business.

Prior to meeting Alex and learning more about using social media in a useful way, it wasn’t something that I saw as essential to the process of developing relationships. I would stare at it, it would suck time and I would not be able to find a way to join in.

That is what I have learnt about social media, it is something to join in with, not something to pile stuff into. It is all about relationships.

I have met people through both twitter and linkedIn where the relationship starts from a different place, not from cold, because of our meeting in the virtual world- this has made me curious, more open- but focused at the same time.

A little while ago, I started using the ‘search’ function more on twitter (part of the strategy developed with Alex) – finding out more about what potential clients need and are talking about. Also what others working in learning and development were discussing, great learning and research for me. One of the things I noticed was how many speaking opportunities were advertised on twitter. My thinking was that if these opportunities were on twitter, then people are looking for something different, something they haven’t been able to find going down the usual routes- who they know, who else is speaking where, google and the well known existing ‘industry experts’.

I started to respond to these, put myself forward- make sure I was visible, and that they could see what others have said about our work.

In Movement - Edge Manchester Conference

In Movement - Edge Manchester Conference


Through a twitter relationship developing, last week I spoke at a UK Marketing Network conference at the Radisson Edwardian in Manchester. There were over 100 businesses in the room including Marketers, Business Owners, Copywriters, Designers, Brand Managers, Analysts, Account Managers, PR Managers, Event Managers, Social Media Experts from a whole range of companies including: Cotton Traders, Phones4U, Reebok, Manchester City Council, Kaplan, Unibet and many more.

This was not only a great opportunity for me to find potential clients, but to also get more people to experience and talk about how play changes the way people work together.

On the day itself, I gained 52 new twitter followers. There were close to 100 tweets either including @_InMovement, the #PlayfulBusiness or included pictures or content from my presentation with the #EdgeManc. My website had 30% more hits that day to normal.

Since the conference a week ago, I have been approached to work with two new clients. I have attended a networking event where someone approached me and said ‘you’re the lady who plays’ and I have received three direct emails about how the presentation has changed the way they worked.

‘Our team needs to make more of the time we spend together, at the minute we just meet for the sake of it, but now I want to make it different- to try and motivate people, to challenge ourselves, and to get us to work together better’

At In Movement we are interested in people, and so it is the perfect fit. I have had many opportunities for business growth development through social media, because it is all about relationships.


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