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“My ego’s small and humble… so you don’t confuse it with mountains”

Had to paraphrase Shakira there – but sometimes when blogging it’s very easy to sound like a rampant ego maniac

However last week I achieved something i’ve been aiming for a while and wanted to share it with you all

Some of you may know in December 2011 on Freeindex I was Ranked Number 1 for Social Media Marketing in the UK via independent customer testimonials, but last week I hit the magic 50 recommendations point in Linkedin

I’ve been wanting to hit this for what seems like the whole of October

For those of you who don’t use linkedin (we have a lot of B2C clients who are big on twitter / facebook but have no use for B2B platforms) or don’t use it regularly, the recommendations system is an effective tool to gain recommendations with trust as the users name who recommended you is attributed to the written recommendation How many times have you read a testimonial on a website and thought that’s probably made up? Well on Linkedin the recommendations shows on both accounts to add a real element of accountability and trust

Linkedin has never released figures of the average number of recommendations for its users, but going on the basis that people are more likely to buy based on a recommendation from a contact or friend they know well, it’s surprising more business people don’t use the recommendations section

For example out of a random selection of 10 connections on our newsfeed, 7 had no recommendations at all for any of their current or previous positions

I’m just about to sign off now to work for more happy clients, but before I go please read the following 2 blogs

* Why Business Recommendations Are The Lifeblood of UK Business

* Are Linkedin Endorsements ruining a great Business Network? Or the difference between endorsements and recommendations on Linkedin

And of course go connect here on my linkedin page – chances are you’ll know a lot of the businesses I’ve worked with

Any questions on Linkedin please email on

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