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BUSINESS INSIGHT: Planning For Business After The Corona Virus Impact

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Once upon a time Cher sang “I believe in life after … Corona”

I joke – but there will be business after Corona whether it’s 2 weeks, 1 month or 2 months

And it’s a cliche but Fail to Plan, Plan To Fail

Sure we’re taking everything day by day but we can look at rough timescales of what is happening in China and Italy and plan rough time frames for when everything gets back to some sense of normality

Here are what we’d recommend for Planning For Business After The Corona Virus Impact

Support Your Existing Clients
As much as we’d love for 20 new clients to ring us up today it’s unlikely during this period of uncertainty

In fact we’re not actively looking for new business until this is all over

We’re doing what all B2B businesses should be doing and that’s supporting existing clients. That might be daily emails, whatsapp messages or phonecalls. Some businesses we’re in constant contact

This should be your thinking in business right now

– Market with empathy, go above and beyond for your existing clients and get some new wins for the next few weeks

– Make decisions and treat people well so that you ensure your business will be around in 20 years time

When #coronavirus is all over people will remember

– Which businesses helped and supported others


– Which businesses used corona as an excuse to screw other businesses over

Kindness always wins & it’s important be on the right side

Support other small businesses

Launch An Online Product – Post Handshake World
I don’t think the world will be the same

There will be a desire from larger companies to get back to normal

If people work from home and don’t have the horrendous depressing commute each date there will be a push from staff to have more flexible remote working where possible

And if that happens lots of what we do could be done online

The Post Handshake world could be not radically different, but different

We’ve always offered Social Media Training via skype so whilst it’s not a new service, we will be pushing that option more

Could you launch online versions of what you do Face 2 Face?

Stockpile Content
Save some evergreen content back for when normality hits as you’ll be busier than ever then

Think about what content you could get ready
– Blogs
– Videos
– Podcasts

When you think we could write 5 blogs a day easily around the time we work with other clients, it makes sense to hold some back for busier periods

Produce content at a rapid pace and then dripfeed over the months to come

Plan Future Marketing Campaigns In Detail
So what are you going to do when people stop social distancing?

When they’re itching to eat out, drink, go to the gym, go shopping, go to a gig, get to networking events, train and learn more

There is no point in waiting

Have the marketing assets ready now

– Think of your offering
– Get the landing page on your website ready
– Get your graphic designer to create new assets
– Have your printer ready to push the print button at a moment
– Let your leaflet delivery guy know you’ll be using them soon
– Plan your social media calendar 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 6 weeks back from the moment everyone gets out


Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* Twitter
* Facebook
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
* Blogging

We can do this
* 121
* Corporate Workshops
* Group Workshops
* Face to Face or Via Skype

Please call Alex on 07806774279 or email



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