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As I’m writing this more and more business are working from home and adopting to this Post Handshake World

When I grew up h‭istory lessons were about the Fire Of London – in 40-50 years time history lessons will be how did people survive the Corona Virus

What was the normal just a month ago has to change and it has to change rapidly

I look back at my 10 years in business and limiting beliefs really held me back at the start of Altrincham HQ

I used to hold the totally misjudged belief that group workshops weren’t as effective as 121 – I’m not sure where it came from and or why I held that belief. I was just Mr 121 Social Media Trainer, I looked at those offering group workshops with suspicion and now when I look back it was beyond selfish – over the years I missed out on helping thousands of people because of this ridiculous limiting self belief. We now train over 1500+ people every year via group and 121 training

Skype Training I’ve always done since the start of Altrincham HQ – training businesses in London, Dubai and Canada – but it’s not something I’ve ever pushed. Maybe I had the same limiting beliefs as I did with group training

I sense some people may have reservations now so I wanted to lay out 5 Reasons To Embrace Skype / Zoom Training

1. Saving On Travel Time
I used to work in music and everyone outside of music thinks touring the UK is glamorous

It’s not. It’s travel. Land at a venue. Work and then leave. You don’t see the town or city

Where we’re based in Altrincham is pretty nice – everyone mentions the Market, but the whole town is a foodie haven. We always recommend that people who train with us face 2 face check out one of the places to eat in town either before or after our training

But if we’re honest not all do and for most people it’s a minimum of 30 minutes travel time either side

If training was done via Skype / Zoom you’d save at least 1 hour which you could be spending in other areas of your business

2. Saves You Money
Time is money and all that, but it also costs to travel

We’ve been 100% grateful that our reputation is nationwide people have travelled from London, Wales, Leeds and Birmingham (and lots more) to our lovely quaint town of Altrincham for Social Media Training

But it costs in petrol and at times hotel costs

I love the fact that when people stay over it stimulates the local economy, but I also know some businesses want to save money as well

Training via Skype / Zoom from the comfort of your home or office saves you money

3. You Can choose to be Video on or Video off
“But I don’t want to be on video”

When we’ve trained online before we’ve done both Face on and Face off – or in other terms video on or video off

It feels more intimate to have video on as you get to look into the eyes of someone and really see their interest levels, the animation and the joy

But we’ve also ran great sessions with video off where people just want to hear the audio and really zone into that without worrying if we can see cats / dogs / children running around in the background

We’re always comfortable either way so feel free to specify ahead of training or at the start your preference

4. More Personal Than A Webinar
It’s important to note that Skype / Zoom training is not just a pre-recorded webinar

It’s not just a set formulaic lesson

It’s just as bespoke as 121 face to face training so don’t think online training is any less valuable

What I tend to find as well with online is people get straight to the point and don’t waffle and don’t waste time with set up time

You get more value for the same period of time

5. We all need to learn

Learning is earning ::: I can’t emphasise this enough

However long this period of self isolation and social distancing is, the businesses that come out stronger the other side will be the businesses that invest in learning

Sure – binge on Netflix at the time you’d normally be watching the football, gigs or be in the pub with mates

But – train, read, learn during the time you’d normally have meetings, networking or working

Keep learning – Keep Growing – Keep Investing in things that will pay off

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* Twitter
* Facebook
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
* Blogging

We can do this
* 121
* Corporate Workshops
* Group Workshops
* Face to Face or Via Skype

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