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Despite working in Social Media I still need that human contact

Up until last night I was like a typical Brit – I’d been to 2 gigs (So Solid Crew in London / The Subways in Manchester – diverse I know), been checking out the best vegan pies I’ve ever tasted at Young Vegans and been heading to my local for Monster Ultra and Non Alcoholic Beer

And then it all got serious. I worried about my 70+ year old parents, my friends who suffer from asthma and illnesses and felt I need like others to practice Social Distancing where possible

It’s also partly enforced by others as several large group social media training sessions have been cancelled whilst 121’s move to Skype

So here are 5 Things Your Business Can Do Whilst Social Distancing to keep visible

Engage On Social Media
I’ve been reading a book recently called “The Unfair Advantage” by one of the founders of Just Eat

It looks at the principle of we’ve all got something unique – the unfair advantages we have at our disposal be it wealth or network or skill set

One of the advantages some of us have over others is a strong presence on social media

Whilst face to face networking meetings have stopped I’ve been engaging with those I’d normally see face 2 face online and if I’m honest it’s more exhausting than normal. Splitting my time between Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and worrying that I’m keeping in touch equally across all 4

But it’s an advantage to have people that care across each platform enough to talk

It’s important to care and engaging rather than hard sales messages is the key here

Training Cancellations mean I don’t just have time to write these Corona Virus blogs, but also the other blogs I have the titles for but haven’t had the time to write yet

Social Media is about educating and entertaining. We’re getting the balance 100% write on social between honest emotional posts and humorous posts. Dark and light. Shade and sunshine

Blogs are a really good way to educate your audience and for all those businesses that say they don’t have time to blog – if you’re self isolating well lets face it you have to time to blog

It’s cathartic. It’s helping others. And when you help others you’re the 1st person at the front of people’s minds

If you’re stuck on a title right now for your 1st blog don’t hesitate to email us and ask for an idea

Daily Stories
Instagram Stories are the way we’ve been keeping in touch with our Instagram audience right now

That and our daily morning update on Twitter

We’ve just laid ourselves bare and you should do

People care about people not logos

We’ve lost business as a result of Corona, we’ve told people and it’s more authentic that pretending “Everythings A OK”

We’re now feeling like Karate Kid – battered and bruised, but at that stage now where we’ve adopted the Eagle Pose and are ready to give that devastating kick to Corona and rise again

121’s Via Skype
I’m setting up my parents this week on Skype

It will be weird not seeing them for a few weeks and whilst phone calls are ok I want to see their faces

I’m doing the same to contacts we know from networking who’d normally see a couple of times a month

It also helps that it keeps me presentable and routine and shaving on a regular basis – I’ve avoided facial hair for 41 years and it’s not going to start now during Social Distancing

Have 121’s with existing contacts and maybe just have virtual 121’s with new contacts and forge new relationships

Learning Via Skype
One thing we’ve always done is Skype Training for Social Media

It’s not something we’ve really talked about much to now, but we’ve done it since day one with businesses from London, Dubai and Canada

If you truly need help with a specialist area remember many of the service providers will be offering services via Skype or zoom

Learn and grow during this period – obviously you can access social media training help via ourselves, but if a service provider offers any subject face 2 face the majority can also offer it via Skype


Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* Twitter
* Facebook
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
* Blogging

We can do this
* 121
* Corporate Workshops
* Group Workshops
* Face to Face or Via Skype

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