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If you were in employment, you’d be sitting down with your boss at this time of year and going through your annual review and working through your personal development plan.

During that talk you’d talk about what your happy with, what can be improved and then you’d structure a tailored training and development plan to aid your progression.

It’s useful and if approached with the best of intentions, rather than a tickbox exercise, actually works.

When it comes to Social Media, barely a day goes by where something major gets announced, so what worked 365 days ago might not work now.

In this weeks blog, we’ll look at The Power of Annual Social Media Checkups and why every business needs one.

Imagine an expert coming in and looking at how your social media accounts have performed over the past year.

Now just the surface level data such as likes, comments, and shares.

But actually, digging deeper and understanding what worked well and what didn’t. And importantly why?

That sounds exactly like what would help your marketing, right?

It’s 2023 when I write this blog and one of the biggest disconnects is between Social Media Goals and Business Goals.

As a business you need to make sure your social media efforts align with your overall business goals.

This helps ensure that what you’re doing on social media day to day contributes to the success of your business.

I despair when I see marketers peddling engagement bait tactics which will have ZERO impact on the company’s bottom line.

During an annual social media checkups, we can ask that difficult question of “Why have you posted that?”

The platforms I’m spending time on these days and the type of content i’m delivering is not the same as it was in January.

In some cases, it’s not the same as it was 3 months ago.

Algorithm changes. Business Goal changes. Services changing. Content Pillars changing. Life changing.

We need to respond to the changes or changing the plan based on what you’re trying to achieve.

A caveat here.

Sure, you have to figure out which posts got the most attention and engagement.

But again, as a reminder it has to be linked with your business strategy.

And there has to be an understanding of what makes for attractive posts and what helps with customer conversion.

This insight helps you plan your content strategy for the next year.

Knowing your audience and their pain points, wants and desires helps you create content that resonates with them, building stronger connections.

We’ve worked with businesses where we’ve analysed their followers – both in the recent history and long term – and realised the reason they’re not converting is they have an audience that doesn’t align with the ideal customer avatar.

Businesses change and develop over time and your audience should grow and change with you.

To put it in really simple terms, look at Taylor Swift and how her audience has changed over the years. Country music fans to pop kids to cool indie folk like myself in recent years. Her output has changed to attract these new fans and now she’s the biggest star in the world.

Social Media and online listening gives you huge amount of data and insights.

You can identify and address any issues that might have come up on social media or via online reviews.

It could be negative feedback or a trend of unhappy customers.

Being aware allows you to address these concerns and maintain a positive image online.

They say it’s not a problem till it’s a problem, but imagine if your reviews in 2022 were all 5/5 and in 2023 they’re 4/5. It highlights that something has dropped.

As a business I use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Twitter / X … and to a lesser extent TikTok and Threads

I don’t use Pinterest or Snapchat.

The average social media user flits between 7 different platforms each month – but it’s not realistic to be on all of them unless you work in marketing.

In an annual review you can figure out which social media platforms are giving you the best results.

This helps you focus your time and effort where it matters most, especially if you have limited resources.

How are your competitors performing on Social Media is fluid.

It changes all the time.

Some will raise the bar. Some will drop the ball. Some will outsource to experts like us rather than do it themselves.

Has their audience grown?
Which content is working for them?
Which content isn’t working?
Which fresh ideas have they tried?
Who are their most engaged followers?


By doing a simple annual social media checkup, you can make sure you’re on the right track.

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