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Love it or hate it, AI is here to stay.

And like most things in life, I try and see the positives and work out what is useful, not so useful and what I should ignore completely.

I’ll state from the outset that as a former journalist I feel uneasy at using AI for writing, so I’ve never used AI to write my copy. It may improve in the future, but at the moment copy that AI generates is the writing equivalent of Canva – it sounds as generic as Canva graphics look generic.

Read on for a non-tech bro look at AI for marketing.

Relieve Writers Block

I’ve published over 600 blogs before AI was even a thing.

I call it the time before Chat GPT.

On top of 600 blogs, I also come up with over 3000 ideas a year for our clients social media marketing.

You could say we’re in the top 1% of creatives.

But even creatives have those days where they sit down at the PC and the mind goes blank.

Often, I use ChatGPT to stop the writer’s block on Listicle features. I didn’t need it in this blog “5 Easy Ways To Use AI in Marketing”, but an example would be if I had 4 ways and was struggling with the inspiration for the 5th way.

Improve my blog titles

Let’s say you have a blog title like this one “5 Easy Ways To Use AI in Marketing”

Now you can put that title into ChatGPT and ask it to come up with 10 SEO friendly and shareable alternative titles

This is what it came up with

“AI Made Simple: 5 Easy Steps to Supercharge Your Marketing”
“Demystifying AI: Effortless Marketing Boosts in 5 Simple Moves”
“Marketing Magic: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Integrate AI Today”
“The Beginner’s Guide: 5 Effortless Ways to Implement AI in Marketing”
“AI Unleashed: 5 Quick and Easy Marketing Hacks for Success”
“Simplified Strategies: How to Easily Infuse AI into Your Marketing Toolkit”
“Swift Success: 5 No-Fuss Ways to Incorporate AI in Your Marketing”
“AI for Everyone: 5 Beginner-Friendly Marketing Techniques”
“Effortless Innovation: 5 Quick Ways AI Can Elevate Your Marketing Game”
“Marketing on Autopilot: 5 Easy AI Tricks for Instant Impact”

Do you prefer the original or any of the above?

Social Media Graphics

In the social media world, there’s always a need for content.

I post every day on social media and am always looking for ways to be different. To stand out. To provide something visually stimulating.

I’m not a graphic designer in the slightest, so i’ve always outsourced or used photography instead of design.

You’ve probably heard of Midjourney before – but the tool I’m a little bit obsessed with at the moment is Leonardo.

The free version allows me to come up with 5 different ideas a day with 4 options for each – so potentially 20 different images each day.

The quality is out of this world and it will only get better.

It’s a real alternative to stock images on Pexels and Pixabay if they’re your go to tools.

Advert Mockups

A client came to us recently to help with their paid social adverts.

We developed customer personas and detailed their pain points.

From those pain points we came up with the copywriting and creative ideas for the 4 different adverts we’re going to test.

We needed to explain how the image would look visually, so we used Leonardo to do the mockups for the advert for their inhouse designer.

It brought the idea to life to really touch on the emotion of the creative.


When I present people often say I’m funny and an engaging presenter.

But if I had to sit down and write a gag or a one liner at times I’d be stumped.

AI tends to go into dad joke territory, so don’t expect the most creative or modern jokes in the world

Here are some examples of “one-line jokes about Altrincham being posh”

“Altrincham is so posh that the local library has a “hush puppy” section for quiet canine readers.”

“Altrincham is so posh that their idea of a traffic jam is two Range Rovers side by side at the roundabout”

“You know you’re in Altrincham when the street sweepers wear top hats and tails.”

A bit groan worthy – but sometimes they work.

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