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Many of you know as well as Altrincham HQ I also run a music events company – one of those huge passions of mine that I was fortunate enough to turn into a business

Yesterday something amazing happened that you can all relate to

I spent the morning writing a blog entitled “10 Things Bands Should Do Every Single Day – click the title to read it yourself as you can also relate it to your own industry. Helping unsigned artists is something i’m really passionate about as I see so much talent give up at the first hurdle – as one tweeter tweeted to us after the article went out “I’ve heard it said that managing musicians is like herding cats, though, which explains why they need advice!” – so so true

Within 10 minutes of posting the blog the impact had been made

* Google Analytics tracking was going through the roof

* A local Manchester radio DJ messaged me on facebook to say he was going to discuss the article on his show that night

* Tom Robinson (80s Singer songwriter / DJ) contacted me to say great blog and Retweeted it (which in turn lead to 17 RTs and a reach of over 36,000 tweeters)

* Later that evening Michael Brandvolt (Music Marketing Consultant for the Rock Band Kiss) and Madalyn Sklar (named 1 of 10 most Powerful Women in Music by Curve Magazine) RT and shared the article to their American followers

* By the end of the day the website traffic had exceeded 600% of its normal daily traffic – RESULT!!!!

So blogging and how to reach the tastemakers & influencers in your industry?

1. Blog to educate rather than to sell and blog with passion

The blog in question was purely educational and wasn’t a sales pitch – however it still managed to fit in with the business goals for the events company. By educating a generation of musicians how to achieve their goals and success there’s a natural flow that helps all involved in the music industry

When blogging think how you can help your readers, what can inspire them and what value you can give rather than thinking what you can sell

2. Build Relationships with the tastemakers in your industry

The tastemakers in question above shared the blog out not only because it was extremely good advice – but because we’d regularly interacted with them over their blogs, their tweets and shared the same passions

There’s nothing worse than somebody you have never engaged with previous asking for a RT without even a courteous hello first

3. Blogs aren’t static – they can be updated and revised

Interestingly Tom Robinson added a suggestion to one of the 10 points in this blog and we were able to revise the original blog and post out again for people to re-read and reeducate themselves

4. Blogs inspire other blogs

You’ve written that perfect blog post that has been shared by the tastemakers and industry influencers – what do you do next?

Go back to the drawing blog, assess why the blog received so much traction and aim to write your next blog with the same passion

Tell us about your blogging success? Is it a regular source of referral traffic for you?

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