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Social Media Marketing for Musicians

Altrincham HQ via our sister company Designer Magazine have worked with many successful artists including Bombay Bicycle Club, Athlete, Dear Eskiimo (The Ting Tings) and Kids In Glass Houses to name but a few

Previously we put on gigs in Manchester from all above and in latter years you might have also heard from Drive Like I Do (The 1975) and Catfish and The Bottlemen which we put on gigs

With 14 years music industry experience we have successfully leveraged social media effectively across blogging (our most read blog has been read by over 540,000 people), events marketing for music events ranging from 300 capacity venues to 15,000 capacity music festivals and national press articles built off online relationships

During this time we’ve seen bands and musicians marketing ineffectively sticking to the traditional push marketing techniques rather than pull and we have a Social Media Training Program developed exclusively for those in the music industry

Do you want to…

* Get Better quality of gigs and repeat bookings from venues (including those elusive out of town gigs)
* Use word of mouth marketing to increase your fanbase
* Increase your sales, streams and downloads
* Have fans come back to watch you time and time again via offline and online marketing integration
* Use Twitter effectively as a marketing tool
* Increase fan engagement on facebook
* Utilise blogging to win over fans and introduce them to your world
* Know more about Instagram and other up and coming platforms (Tik Tok)
* Build relationships with those in the music industry

The core networks we offer training on are
* Instagram for musician
* Facebook for musicians
* Twitter for musicians

* Blogging for musicians
* Tik Tok for musicians
* Building Communities and Engagement

Social Media is an effective way to market your band / artist , but everybody is shouting and nobody is listening – we help you get your message heard

If you’re in an original band, wedding band, function band or cover band please do contact us on and take that important step in your music career today


What type of music are you into?
It’s a cliche, but all genres of music. I genre hop

As you can see from above though indie / alternative / rock / pop and a little grime / hip hop

Good tunes. Good stories inspire me

Do you have a Spotify playlist?
Yes – you can check out what we’re currently listening to here

60 minutes of what we like right now and it’s updated once a month

It’s brand new in 2020 – so do subscribe


Can you feature us on your Spotify playlist?
We only have around 60 minutes for our Spotify playlist so we’re really selective

Build a relationship on social media with us before carpet bombing us with emails

We’re @altrinchamhq on everything – chat first, if you stand out, we’ll check you out and then we may feature you

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