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Lisa Chilvers – Athena Business
My Altrincham

Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?
We are specialists in delivering customer service excellence. Competition isn’t based on price anymore but, unfortunately, truly great customer service is fast becoming a rare occurrence and what’s more, the damage caused to a business through substandard service can be irreparable. We try to change all that, working with businesses of all sizes to help them deliver 5* service.

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?
I’m not sure there are any others like us in the South Manchester area, although someone is bound to let you know that isn’t the case! We are passionate about supporting local businesses and the local community and, unlike a lot of our competitors, have smaller scale fees available to SME’s to deliver solutions at a price they can afford.

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?
There are no rules as to who we can work with and what we can offer. Therefore we can tailor our service to suit the precise needs of our clients, ensuring they get excellent value for money.

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?
Do your homework! Find out if there’s a need for what you want to provide and check out the competition. Get your message clear and then deliver it consistently at every possible opportunity. People can’t do business with you if they don’t know you’re there!

What part does Social Media play in your business?
Massive! It lets me keep in touch with what’s going on out there and is also great for promoting our training and networking events.

And getting to know you and your Altrincham…

Where do you eat / take out in Altrincham?
Eating in, I’d have to go for Coco’s, always a great night out. For take out, it has to be Pinocchio’s in Timperley village or for lunch I just can’t resist Chokko De.

Which is your favourite pub or bar to drink at in Altrincham?
I like the Victoria (food’s good too) and can usually be persuaded to have a sneaky drink in the Slug & Lettuce at the end of the day!

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in Altrincham in the past 12 months?
Has to be Chokko De (again!). There’s such a warm welcome and the sushi is as good as any restaurant in Manchester.

In an ideal world What major improvement would you like to see happen in Altrincham?
Landlords not being so greedy with rents and the local council offering incentives on business rates. We have to give businesses a real reason to want to open up in Altrincham again.

And if we want to look you up on Social Media what’s your facebook / twitter addresses?


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