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It’s being called a Personal Newspaper and with many us liking new Facebook pages each day it’s important to tag those really important ones so you don’t miss an update

Like twitter lists you can have multiple lists so you can categorise your lists by sector or area of entertainment (for example music, sports, local)

Recently we’ve been talking to people who have got facebook fatigue and are moving to twitter, but facebook is still a very valuable tool for those in the leisure or technology sector with most of us logging onto facebook each day

Imagine how useful it could be from a personal perspective – if you’re a true fan of a business or page then putting it in a list makes it much more visible amongst the noise and chatter that have driven many people away


Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists

Do you want to add Altrincham HQ to your Interest List? Simply take it step by step
* Click on our page
* Click the drop down hear box top right of the page
* Click add to interests ….

It’s now time to curate your interests into one list in the same way that you do close friends on facebook

And like many of the pricacy options you can now tailor it to

* Public List – perfect for those who like to curate and have many subscribers
* Friends – again perfect for those tastemakers amongst your social group
* Just Me – for those who like to keep things a little more private

What pages do you think are essential to add to lists?
Will you be keeping you lists private like  many do on twitter?
Will this bring you back to facebook if you’ve left because of chatter
How do you envisage encouraging fans to add your page to lists

As always if you have any Social Media questions just ask away on the comments or contact us page

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