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A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager (in the Post Handshake COVID-19 World)

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Alex McCann - Altrincham HQ

Not all social media managers have beards

Around 12 months ago I published a blog on the Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager

It was a popular blog which highlighted that being a social media manager isn’t just “messing around on Facebook” like my parents seem to think

Fast forward a year and we’re in a very different scenario – abnormal is the new normal and we’re all trying to adjust and cope to this new world and the new way of doing a business

The post handshake world as it’s been dubbed

So whilst there is no set pattern to work at the moment I thought I would give an insight into what a day looks like now

7.30am ::: Breakfast and Check The News
My day is starting 30 minutes later than normal right now

My diary at the time of writing this blog is a little quieter than normal – for a start I’m saving time with no travel to training and networking meetings

Obviously I’ve had social media training cancellations, but I’ve still got 5 in this 2 week period. 121 Social Media Training sessions have moved to Zoom and I love it

I’ve taken the opportunity to have an extra 30 minutes in bed right now as in the last 4 weeks I’ve been surviving on less than 6 hours a night

Normally apart from a glance at BBC Breaking News and a check of Twitter trends I wouldn’t check the news. I’m not a news junkie, I think it distracts and causes mental health issues, but during this time I have to check if there’s any news that affects my family, friends, my business and clients businesses

8am ::: Plan content for the day
Nothing at the moment social media wise is pre-planned or scheduled

It means all updates are going out live and in the moment

Traditionally social media managers would use scheduling software

It’s not appropriate and either a directive from Boris or a decision by your clients mean things can change over night or throughout the day

50% of our clients have closed down. 50% of our clients are still business as usual (well as usual as it means for most of them to be working remotely from home)

8.45 ::: Walk to clear my head
The gym is closed – I’m listening to less podcasts at the moment and tuning into silence. I feel like there is TOO much information

A walk with people 2 metres apart was the case until today when the orders were to strictly stay at home

Everyone is allowed out to exercise once a day – it’s walks most days at the moment with a run a couple of times a week

I’ve not joined Joe Wicks yet, but I’m sure I will later this month if it rains

9.30am ::: Twitter Engagement
The number of tweets I’m sending is up 30-40% a day

I truly care about the other businesses I know either personally or whom I follow

I’ve never been a sell and go type of social media manager (it’s shocking but some are despite talking about engagement) – but during these isolated times I feel we need to talk

If I have 35,000 followers across social media and I don’t talk to those people then it’s not a community

I honestly care about you all – communication is important

10am ::: Social Media Training via Zoom
I’m so so grateful so everyone who has kept the bookings for our social media training during all this

For larger group training’s it’s understandable that it’s not been possible at short notice, but I’ve loved the social media training sessions via zoom so far

It’s actually been nice seeing another face (if only virtually)

I do actually feel after this is all over 25-50% of our training could move to zoom as standard – people are finding it so convenient with the screen share options

1pm ::: News Check over lunch
News really is a distraction and I can’t wait for the time this is all over and we go back to not being glued to social media (for news) and the news websites

I wonder in 2 or 3 weeks whether the abnormal will become the new normal and we won’t check for updates several times a day

So many of my self employed friends are waiting desperate for an announcement on support

We live in hope

1.15pm ::: LinkedIn Engagement
A lot of the businesses that are still operating as normal as possible are B2B businesses

Their IT systems have been set up to work remotely from home and business development is still happening

People on LinkedIn talking about LinkedIn has now been replaced with people at home on LinkedIn talking about working from home on LinkedIn and Corona

A friend of Altrincham HQ, Iain McGuigan commented this today

“If anyone is in lockdown the next 8 to 12 weeks would be a perfect time to get better at Social Media Marketing. Especially to ensure you are ready to come out of the gate at speed when the doors open against. Alex knows his stuff and is not only a good trainer of groups but excellent at one on one training. Get in there I say. Cut costs yes but no investment in development could put you behind the curve.”

It’s true. Invest in your business to stay ahead of the curve

2pm ::: Networking Via Zoom
Everyone right now has discovered zoom

Businesses are using it for networking

People are using it for virtual pints

Most days I’m either jumping on someones Zoom event or organising my own

My thoughts are
– Zoom Experts are the new Brexit experts are the new GDPR experts
– Some people are over-zooming like they used to over-network
– Quality will rise to the top

I’m treating zoom like I did Face 2 Face networking – quality always wins and I’m only inviting the best guests on my shows

Nobody has time for a rubbish zoom event in the same way that nobody has time for a rubbish networking event

3pm ::: Daily Instagram Story Diary
Each day before all of this happened I did a diary on Instagram stories of my thoughts, learnings and tips of the day

I’ve had so many thanking me for keeping upbeat during difficult times

I don’t know any other way to be

I’m having it as tough as anyone, but if I can help the world with positivity I will

I feel it’s my duty to do so – my best friend Mark at Altrincham Design Studio inspires me every day with his positivity and it’s my duty to pass it on

4pm ::: Blogging
Since the world was told to social distance I’ve published over 2500 words of help and advice

I know that blogging helps others as much as it helps myself

It’s cathartic during these times. Each blog you can learn something

Is this really a Day In The Life of a Social Media … or is it a routine you could follow for your business

Even something like this I’ve woven hints and tips into the piece if you read carefully

5pm: Boris O’clock
It’s the wait for the Boris announcement at 5pm each day

What changes will be brought in?

Will the army be brought in because people are treating this like a 12 week holiday?

Will the self employed be supported?

6pm: Break
I admitted this once and now I’m admitting it a second time publically

I still watch Neighbours and Home & Away each night

It’s my switch off from reality and when life right now is darker than Eastenders I enjoy my little jaunt to Australia and what Toadie, Karl and Susan Kennedy, Alf Stewart and Marilyn are up to

UK soaps have only got total switch off TV soaps right with Crossroads and Eldorado LOL

9pm: Instagram Live Gigs
Those that know me well know that I used to work in the music industry for 10 years

I still teach in music colleges around the country and I go to about 10 gigs a month normally

Not going to gigs is one of the hardest parts of all this right now for me

Big thanks to the Jimmy’s team in Manchester for using social media and tech to bring the isolated together through music. It’s not the same as being sweaty at a gig, but it’s the closest we’ll get and the artists are brilliant

10pm: Instagram engagement
Instagram is normally my escape from reality – it’s a happy place

It’s been turned into a news broadcast platform at the moment and it’s not really telling me anything I don’t know on Twitter TBH

If I’m honest it’s not my happy place right now apart from inspiration and positive individuals I’m following at the moment

By 10pm I’m finding it hard each day – it’s hard being more present than normal as my normal levels of present are higher than the average

11pm: Books out / Laptops and phones down
Switch off time

Ive just finished reading a lot of business booked so I’m reading for fun at the moment as we all need to

A book on Cristiano Ronaldo is my current read – 30 pages in so far and it’s a good read

He’s the GOAT and I think we all need a GOAT in our life right now


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