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Zoom Etiquette: A Beginners Guide

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Nobody is quite sure what to do in this post-handshake world

You’ve been to networking events where they give you the Top Tips on How To Network Effectively and heard the importance of a firm handshake, of wearing your badge on your right rather than left and the importance of eye contact

And now due to Social Distancing networking has gone online to platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts

What is the etiquette there and how are you supposed to act

If you read our tips below you’ll find they’re not dissimilar to face to face networking

We’ll start off with some tips for hosts and then move on to some for attendees / hosts as well

– Think of what value the event has to the audience – don’t just zoom for the sake of it
– 2 rules for a great Zoom – educate or entertain (and if you’re smart – do both)
– Stick to your area of expertise – don’t claim to be an expert in something you’re not
– Have an agenda list / structure so the meeting has a point
– Try and keep your events to a set time each week
– Keep events to an hour max if networking (and same as normal if 121 training)
– If there are over 20 people in the room consider an alternative to the intro round – they seem longer on zoom than real life
– Tell the audience the zoom will be recorded and shared if it is

– If you’re booked on – turn up
– Tell others about each zoom event (as you would networking)
– Turn up on time – it’s more noticeable if you turn up 5 minutes later on zoom than large face 2 face events
– If it’s your 1st “professional” time using zoom – test it out with a friend / family member in advance so you get used to the functionality
– Don’t sit with your back to a window – If you can’t see yourself clearly, neither can the audience
– Before asking to be a guest presenter / speaker – turn up to the hosts events
– Tell others in your house you’re going live on zoom – this includes maybe putting the cat / dog in another room (unless they’re the office dog and that’s fine 😉 )
– Get a professional virtual background (our friends at Altrincham Design Studio can help with this)

– Put yourself on mute until it’s your turn to speak
– Don’t go over the time on your intro round – if the host says 20 seconds it means 20 seconds not 60 seconds
– Include your LinkedIn profile address in the chat function after the chat so people can connect

– Allow others to speak
– Encourage those who are speaking on the (written) chat function
– Ask questions in the written chat function and let the host facilitate the Q&A
– Be aware you’re on camera / audio – don’t get naked or go to the toilet without realising you could be seen or heard
– If you have more info to share (Value / not sales pitches) – include a link in the chat function
– Ask people if they’re ok with a screenshot being taken and posted on Social Media (GDPR)

– Talk about the event afterwards
– Follow up on any action points

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