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On our last blog we looked at 7 Guaranteed Ways That You Won’t Improve Your Social Media Marketing

We published it because I see so many businesses make the same mistakes with social media

I also promised I’d write up the follow-up 7 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Social Media Marketing so that you understand and can take away some actionable tips

Well here it is

Do email and let me know which of the following helps your business the most

1. Study Marketing
Before I launched Altrincham HQ in 2009 I already had 10 years marketing experience

Before that I’d studied business and marketing for 7 years through School, College and University

As I write this blog I’m coming up to 21 years marketing experience

It would be ridiculous of myself to suggest the only way you be successful in marketing is to have 20+ years marketing experience

But I want you to think about investing in yourself and investing in your marketing education

You can do it for

– Free (subscribe to 4 podcasts and invest in 4 hours a week listening, note taking and then more hours actioning)
– Low cost – but will take years (Buy 10-15 marketing books at about £15 each – read them 1 by 1. Take notes and action your learnings in each book before moving on to the next one)
– Higher cost – but is quickest (Half Days Bespoke Social Media Training – based around your specific needs and only takes half a day. Cost £175pp)

I don’t normally sell our services in our blogs – but i’ve given you 2 other options if you don’t want to pay etc

2. Putting The Hours In
Sorry to break it to you – but social media is work and you get out what you put in

If you’ve read blogs on how to manage your social media in 10 minutes a day, they’re lying to you

Day to Day social media for your business will take around 30-60 minutes a day (and that’s not including content production such as Graphics, Videos and blogs etc)

We actually published a blog that actual true social media management takes around 18 hours a week, but every business has to make compromises based on their time

If you’re not putting the hours in right now, then devote time to your social media marketing

If you are putting the hours in – do an audit of what you’re doing and look at what is productive time spent vs wasting time

3. Network In Real Life
One of the easiest ways to help your social media marketing is to actually network in real life

Social Media Marketing is massively important, but combined with face 2 face networking it’s an absolute powerhouse

If people Meet > Like > Know > Trust you they’re more likely to support your endeavours on social media and you’re going to be front of mind

I firmly believe that most professional services firms fail on networking and fail on social media is because they don’t interlink the 2

Support your tribe from your networking group and watch them support you back

Within time your message will be amplified to a lot more people

4. Invest In Content

As great as social media managers are … it’s worth a reminder that social media managers are not
– Full time photographers
– Full time videographers
– Full time graphic designers

If you want a social media manager to grow your business (or if you’re the social media manager) invest in your content by hiring professionals for each of the roles above

The bar for quality content has got higher over the years and if the visuals are important to your business (think Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty etc) then make sure you invest in quality content

Brands like Aldi and Innocent often post simple images on social media – but they work because they’ve got a skilled team of creatives behind the scenes who make it look easy

5. Engage With Others
Post and go is not a social media tactic

Justin Bieber might be able to simply say “Morning” and get 1 million likes on a post

An influencer might be able to post a well-used phrase like “You don’t know, what you don’t know” and get 100,000 people saying “so true”

For most businesses out there (myself included) you actually have to care about others and engage on others posts

Every single day whatever platform you’re using you should be spending time on other people’s posts commenting

I suspect that most of you who read this won’t have previously engaged on our social media posts – you’ll have read, soaked up and moved on

Try and change that today

6. Delve Into Your Analytics
Be a sexy geek

By that I mean get sexy with your creative

And be a geek with your analytics

On 75% of our social media training sessions, our attendees have done little more than take a 1 minute glance at their analytics

And those that have done more, don’t do it on a weekly basis

Your analytics will tell you what are your most popular posts, who your audience are and so much more detail

Use that data to your advantage and produce better content off the back of it

7. Track Your Sales
Track every single sale and where they came from

And don’t stop tracking sales just because you’re busy and you feel you don’t need to worry

If you’re using social media for business and you know exactly where your sales are coming from, you can make more informed decisions about your marketing

I can list in order which platforms drive the most sales for us – literally from top to bottom and based on data not hunches

Can you do the same?

Because if you don’t know this, you could be spending hours on platforms that are driving zero sales for you

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Blogging

We can do this
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