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“How Long Should I Be Spending On Social Media Each Week?”

It’s a question we’re often asked during social media training and we’re going to try out best to give you some ballpark figures

It’s worth saying however that most business owners and individuals grossly underestimate how much time they need to spend on social media

And whilst these are figures based on 10+ years of running a social media marketing company and 20+ years of marketing I have no doubt you’ll have

– Seen articles that claim you can manage social media in 10 minutes a day (Note: You honestly can’t)


– People who spend 4x the amount of time I’m suggesting

It’s also worth mentioned as well that these figures are based around the average person who manages social media as part of their role rather than someone employed for 40 hours a week purely to handle social media

It’s also looks purely at day to day social media rather than higher thinking / overarching strategy

* Content production
* Posting / Scheduling
* Engaging / Real Time Posts
* Audience building
* Analytics / Reports


Naturally this depends on how easy you find it to write, whether it’s a blog you need to research or do from the heart / head and whether images are readily available

* Researching Blogs – 1-2 hours
* Writing Blogs – 1 hour
* Editing Blogs . Sourcing Images for blogs – 0.5 hours

Total 2.5-3.5 hours

Where possible we’d recommend you use specialists for these fields

A photographer is not a social media marketer … and social media marketer is not a photographer
A graphic designer is a not a social media marketer … and a social media marketer is not a graphic designer
A videographer is not a social media marketer … and a social media marketer is not a videographer

But at times due to budget restraints and sadly that fact that companies don’t respect experts and expect social media marketers to be jacks of all trade

You might want to set aside 4 hours a week for extra content production such as photos / videos / graphics or meetings with said specialists

Total 4 hours

Writing memorable copy for social media post is an artform

It’s not just “Hello Monday” / “Happy Humpday” / “Are you excited it’s Friday” Ad infinitum

You’re adding value and insight and something different and that takes time rather than 10 seconds to bang out something each day to please the boss

Each platform is different and will have nuances and different posts – but as a rough estimate allow 25 mins for each platform

LinkedIn – 25 mins
Facebook – 25 mins
Instagram – 25 mins
Facebook – 25 mins
Twitter – 25 mins

Note: You might not use all of these platforms – but if you did the total is

Total: 2 Hours

Everybody is different on this – but the key thing on social media is you need to be social

You can’t just post and go

You can’t post something on social media and ignore the responses

You can’t treat social media as distribution only

To put this in context in how varied engagement can be on social media I know
* People who only market via LinkedIn and spend 2 hours a day Monday – Friday engaging on the newsfeed and on messages (yes – 10 hours a week)
* People who only market via Instagram and spend 1 hour a day 7 days a week engaging on the platform (feed / stories / messages – yes, 7 hours a week)

Personally we spend around 40 mins on Twitter / 40 mins on LinkedIn / 15 mins on Instagram / 5 mins on Facebook ( 1 hour 40 a day)

Put your total down now for engagement

What do I mean by audience building?

– Finding new people to follow on Twitter
– Connecting with the right people on LinkedIn
– Reaching out to influencers / customers on Instagram

Great content will build an audience, but it also takes some time yourself to profile the right people, target the right people and do this organically rather than flicking the on button for pretty lame automation software than can get you banned from the platform

Set aside an hour a week for this

What are you measuring against and how are you measuring the success of your social media?

Every social media platform has inbuilt analytics tools which enable you to measure the success of your campaigns

Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics

Read the data
Record the data / changes
Implement changes

Spend 1 hour per week doing this

Blogging – 2.5 hours
Other Content Production – 4 hours
Posting / Scheduling – 2 hours
Engagement – 7.5 hours
Audience Building – 1 hour
Analytics / Reports – 1 hour

Total = 18 hours

A lot of smaller businesses / organisations are going to have to compromise on the above

They simply don’t have the staff resources for 18 spare hours a week for social media

They simply don’t the budget to outsource 18 hours a week to a social media company

But they can do 4-8 hours a week and Social Media Training can help identify where to spend their time

And if 4-8 hours really is not possible due to time constraints then outsourcing some / all of social media is a really cost-effective option

Get the most out of the time you have


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