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Visibility is absolutely key to winning in business

If people don’t know about you, then sales won’t be forthcoming

As experienced marketers ,when we work with business we essentially
– Create Compelling Messages and Deliver Exciting Marketing Campaigns
– Increase The Visibility of The Brand
– Turn audiences / followers into customers

Today is all about VISIBILITY and 7 Easy Ways To Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

You can action all of these today – keep us up to date with your results

1. Post Consistently
I’m often asked which camp I sit in when it comes to quality vs quantity on social media?

And I always have one answer

The 2 are not mutually exclusive

You can have quality and quantity on social media

Does that mean that you can afford to pay a graphic designer, photographer or videographer to produce 365 pieces of content? Probably not. But you can still produce quality

Consistency is key to social media and if you’re worrying that posting 4 times a week or 7 times a week is too much, remember that social media algorithms will mean that your followers won’t see every post

Don’t post every day just for the sake of posting. But get into the habit of writing down every idea you have rather than having that lightbulb moment and then forgetting about it. When you have a system in place to store ideas posting consistently becomes pretty damn easy

2. Engage With Others
Engaging with others is one of the easiest ways to grow your visibility

All you need to do is block off 15-20 minutes a day – literally set a timer on your phone to do it

And then comment on your ideal clients’ posts

Meaningful comments rather than “Great News”, “Congratulations” “True”

Do this consistently over time and see how this process not only drives visibility, but also sales

The caveat is your profile, marketing messages, posts and reviews need to stand out for this to work … but comment by comment and day by day you’re planting yourself in your ideal client’s mind and building relationships

This is a lifelong process rather than expecting results in 1 week

3. Leverage Others Audiences / Micro-Influencers

Before we get into this – this works for B2B as well as B2C

Write a list down now of who has an audience you want to reach

People that that crop up are often
– Local Social Media Accounts / Micro Influencers
– Networking / Business Organisations
– Professional Bodies

1. Study their content and check what post on a regular basis
2. Work out an offering that fits with their content style and IMPORTANTLY is a win / win for both of you
3. Approach them with that offer

Different organisations consider a win / win to mean different things and might work as follows
1. Free – if the content and offer is strong enough
2. Gifted – Gifted offering so they can produce original content
3. Competition Prize – See Below For More Info
4. Charity Donation – to charity of their choice
5. Paid – only accept paid submissions

Don’t always expect number 1 every time as these people are running a business as well and 2,3,4,5 are often worth the money if you’re savvy and weigh up the upside of extra visibility + realistic ROI

4. Produce Long Form Content

I’ve been blogging since 1999

It changed my life and is ultimately the reason many of you know I exist today

Back in 1999 it wasn’t that affordable to produce podcasts / video or so on, but today it is

Play to your strengths and produce sticky longform content that sticks around long after your social media posts have disappeared

Write a blog
Record a podcast
Film a video

If you struggle with ideas how about starting with interviewing your clients?

5. Employee Advocacy
“Employees typically have 10x the social reach of company pages”

Now that stat was about LinkedIn specifically and is often talked about in relation to professional services

But on the flipside I know hospitality where social media is so engrained into the culture of the company that staff share social media posts naturally now without even being asked. It’s just something that happens

One of the easiest ways for companies to raise their visibility overnight is
1. Have a vision for social media
2. Train your staff
3. Give them the time to be active on social media
4. Include Social Media as an agenda point in team meetings
5. Repeat

In terms of visibility most companies are only hitting a maximum of 25% of where they could be – simply because they don’t have an employee advocacy program or training plan

6. Partnerships
We’ve formed some great partnerships over the years

1. Workshop Collaborations with partners
2. Blog Swaps with collaborators
3. Video interviews with local businesses
4. Facebook Chatshows

And many more

When you form the right partnership, it becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts

It’s a win win for all parties

And the best part

Most of the people you can partner with, you already know

They’re in your networking group, you’ve worked with them before, they’re a supplier, they might be a client who you can deepen the relationship with

7. Competitions
How can you get your existing audience to engage with your posts and also drive new audiences to follow you?


One of the main reasons people follow brands on social media is for giveaways and competitions

And if you can find the sweet spot between cost and return they’re well worth doing

One of our clients now has around 12x he audience size because of competitions. And many of the people who enter have gone on to buy from the business

Competitions can also we used in collaboration with point 3 above as well – offer a competition prize to a account with the audience you want to reach


Let us know and we’re to help if you need a little focus

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

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